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Bierbrauer, Christoph:
Essays on Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union

Ewers, Mara:
Overcon dence and Loss Aversion in Economic Decision Making

Foremny, Dirk:
Essays in Empirical Public Finance

Gider, Jasmin:
Four Essays in Empirical Finance

Homm, Ulrich-Michael:
Econometric Analysis of Financial Risk and Correlation

Kurka, Stephan Florian:
Essays in Monetary Theory

Lang, Matthias:
Contracting in the Presence of Uncertainty

Li, Jing:
Pricing and Risk Management of Basket FX Derivatives and Unit-Linked Life Insurance Contracts

Pfeifer, Johannes:
Fiscal News, Uncertainty, and the Business Cycle

Schwerhoff, Gregor:
Essays on Parental Leave, Global Disinflation and Non-Renewable Resources

Sorge, Marco M. :
Essays in Dynamic Macroeconomics and Political Economy

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