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Acuña Castillo, Rafael:
Phylogeny, Biogeography and Systematics of Loasaceae subfam. Loasoideae

Amey-Özel, Monique:
Das Schnauzenorgan des schwach elektrischen Fischs Gnathonemus petersii: Anatomie, neuronale Innervation und senso-motorische Integration

Amiri Moghaddam, Jamshid:
Genome mining of marine bacteria for bioactive metabolites

Ankele, Michael Peter:
Higher-Order Tensors and Differential Topology in Diffusion MRI Modeling and Visualization

Attah, Isaac Yaw:
Discovery and characterization of P2Y2 receptor antagonists supported by site-directed mutagenesis studies

Ayub, Muhammad Ajmal:
The influence of ischemic pre-conditioning and inhibition of the ubiquitin proteasome system on cardiac ischemic injury in a murine model

Badmos, Olabisi Sakirat:
An Integrated Remote Sensing and Urban Growth Model Approach to Curb Slum Formation in Lagos Megacity

Bai, Bing:
Identification of components and substrates of Snf1-related kinase 1 (SnRK1) complexes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Barra, Lena:
Studies on the Biosynthesis and Structure Elucidation of Terpene Natural Products by Isotopic Labeling Experiments

Bauer, Maria Luise:
Empfehlungen zur sicheren Anwendung von Arzneimitteln im Off-Label-Use in Deutschland

Begum, Imtiaz:
From C-phosphanylated thiazole-2-thiones to phosphaalkenes and tricyclic 1,4-diphosphinines

Bindl, Jakob:
Lorentzkraftbildgebung : Mr-Basierte Darstellung Neuronaler Aktivität In Echtzeit

Blei, Daniel:
Effects of Mitochondrial Nucleases on mt DNA Degradation

Bücker, Matthias Benedikt:
Pore-Scale Modelling of Induced-Polarization Mechanisms in Geologic Materials

Byrenheid, Glenn:
Sparse representation of multivariate functions based on discrete point evaluations

Collarana Vargas, Diego:
Strategies and Techniques for Federated Semantic Knowledge Retrieval and Integration

Colucci, Stefano:
A dark matter quest through decaying axinos and vector-like portals

Cremer, Pascal:
Algorithms for Cell Layout

Domnick, Christof:
Expanding the toolbox of modified nucleobases and click chemistry for investigations on non-coding RNA

Enkelmann, Nils-Edvin:
Topological and Piecewise Linear Pseudoisotopy Functors

Erwes, Kim Lina:
Patientenspezifische induziert pluripotente Stammzellen als Modellsystem zur Untersuchung der lysosomalen Speichererkrankung Metachromatische Leukodystrophie

Faßbender, Jan:
Untersuchungen zu Synthese und Eigenschaften P-tert-Butyl-substituierter Oxaphosphirankomplexe

Fonseca, Jose A.:
Scalable parallel simulation of variably saturated flow

Fuchs, Philippe:
Re-modelling of Mitochondrial Respiration in Arabidopsis during Drought

Fülle, Lorenz Marc Michael:
Functional roles of the chemokine CCL17 in skin and brain immunity

Gabiri, Geofrey:
Multi-scale modeling of water resources in a tropical inland valley and a tropical floodplain catchment in East Africa

Gaiko-Shcherbak, Aljona:
Functional and Mechanical in vitro Analyses of the Mammary Gland Basement Membrane as a Barrier During Cancer Invasion

Galkin, Mikhail:
Strategies for Managing Linked Enterprise Data

Garcia Caratozzolo, Eva-Maria:
Characterization of regulatory T cells in atopic dermatitis

Garcia-Failde, Elba:
On discrete surfaces

Gerlach, Christoph:
Formation mechanisms and aroma potential of 2-aminoacetophenone in boar fat

Görgen, Simon:
Identification of novel TAM receptor interacting proteins

Graikou, Eleni:
High precision timing

Grangel-González, Irlán:
A Knowledge Graph Based Integration Approach for Industry 4.0

Guntermann, Felix:
Addis Ababa Airport zwischen Globalisierung und Fragmentierung

Halilaj, Lavdim:
An Approach for Collaborative Ontology Development in Distributed and Heterogeneous Environments

Hamidi, Sahar:
Numerical investigations of heat and mass transport in fractured porous rock masses

Hichert, Vivien Sandra:
Protein and epigenetic biomarkers for variability in epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition in cancer treatment and characterization of the inhibitor-induced skin toxicity in an in vitro model

Hartung, Hannah:
Holocene environmental and climate change in the southern Levant: diatom-based palaeolimnology of Lake Kinneret (Israel)

Hoffmeister, Philipp:
Das Datenerfassungssystem für das Crystal-Barrel/TAPS-Experiment an ELSA

Hohn, David:
Search for top-quark-pair associated Higgs production with tau leptons using the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Jasial, Swarit:
Analysis of Multitarget Activities and Assay Interference Characteristics of Pharmaceutically Relevant Compounds

Käseborn, Matthias:
Chromophordekorierte metallosupramolekulare Aggregate

Kerzhner, Mark:
Site-Directed Spin Labeling of Large Riboswitches Using Click Chemistry

Keune, Jessica:
Integrated terrestrial simulations at the continental scale: Impact of groundwater dynamics and human water use on groundwater-to-atmosphere feedbacks during the European heatwave in 2003

Klein, Nico:
Few-Body Systems in Lattice Effective Field Theory

Klosterhalfen, Anne:
Model-based Source Partitioning of Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements

Koch, Tobias:
Ein neuer Weg der mikrobiellen Schwefeloxidation

König, Carsten:
Deep, Large Scale Surveys of Star Forming Regions throughout the Milky Way

Kulikov, Katharina:
Charakterisierung des CPEB3 Ribozyms

Kreszies, Victoria:
ABA-Dependent and -Independent Regulation of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Biosynthesis in Response to Abiotic Stress in Arabidopsis

Lallensack, Jens Nikolaus:
Objective and quantitative methods in the study of dinosaur tracks

Laskowski, Stefanie:
Untersuchung von adenosinergen Regulatorproteinen der zirkadianen Rhythmik im Gehirn der Ratte und deren Veränderungen durch Schlafentzug und chronische Koffeineinnahme

Lehnhardt, Jan:
Indexe auf verschlüsselten Daten: Konzepte, Performanz, Sicherheitsaspekte

Lütticke, Florian Jochen:
Development of Pixel Modules for the Belle II Detector

Macha, Tobias Nicolay:
Storage of Short Light Pulses in a Fiber-Based Atom-Cavity System

Mateen, Abdul:
Knowledge Management approaches to model pathophysiological mechanisms and discover drug targets in Multiple Sclerosis

Millán Hidalgo, Christopher:
Contribution of phenylpropanoids to the suberin barrier in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana

Moritz, Katharina:
Escherichia coli und Synechocystis sp. als heterologe Produktionssysteme für Ectoin und Hydroxyectoin

Müller, Jonas H.:
Bestimmung der Doppelpolarisationsobservablen E in der Reaktion γ⃗p⃗ am CBELSA/TAPS-Experiment in Bonn

Nagarajan, Bhuvaneswari:
Investigating the function of 36K – a major CNS myelin protein in zebrafish

Ochmann, Sebastian Klaus:
Automatic Reconstruction of Parametric, Volumetric Building Models from 3D Point Clouds

Ochsendorf, Philipp:
Timing-Driven Macro Placement

Oßwald, Stefan:
Robot Navigation in Human Environments

Peter, Natalie:
Optimal quantum control of atomic wave packets in optical lattices

Pfeiffer, Franziska:
Click-SELEX enables the selection of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol-binding nucleic acids

Pieper, Malte Mario:
Assembly Maps and Pseudoisotopy Functors

Poméon, Thomas:
Evaluating the Contribution of Remote Sensing Data Products for Regional Simulations of Hydrological Processes in West Africa using a Multi-Model Ensemble

Rabbel, Inken:
Analyzing feedbacks in a forest soil-vegetation-atmosphere system

Riemschoß, Katrin:
Similarities of stress granules and cytosolic prions

Schipmann, Karen-Christina:
Radikalkationensalze und Charge-transfer-Verbindungen elektronenreicher Chalkogenanthrene und TTF-Derivate

Schmitt, Nina-Katharina:
Zebrafish as a Model Organism to Study the In Vivo Role of G-Protein Coupled Receptor 17 in Myelination

Schoor, Carmen:
Investigation of Multipotent Neural Progenitor Cell to Oligodendrocyte Differentiation including the Transcriptional Activator Protein Pur-alpha by Quantitative Proteomics

Schopf, Elisabeth:
Search for the Higgs Boson Decay into Bottom and Charm Quarks Using Proton-Proton Collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Schootemeijer, Abel:
The evolution of massive stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Schubert, Richard:
On the effective properties of suspensions

Schwickart-Halbe, Anna Morlin:
Formulierung von therapeutischen Oligonukleotiden mit PAMAM-Dendrimeren zur Aktivierung von Pattern Recognition Rezeptoren des angeborenen Immunsystems

Singh, Kuldeep:
Towards Dynamic Composition of Question Answering Pipelines

Thiel, Vivien:
Small-scale Physical and Chemical Structure of Diffuse and Translucent Molecular Clouds along the Line of Sight to the Galactic Center

Vahdati, Sahar:
Collaborative Integration, Publishing and Analysis of Distributed Scholarly Metadata

Velinov, Zdravko:
Light Propagation in Digital Material Structures

Vogler, Tim Georg:
Solvatisierte Elektronen zum Abtasten der elektronischen Struktur von flüssigem Ammoniak

Volbach, Lucia
Planar chirale 4,12- und 4,15-disubstituierte [2.2]Paracyclophane und ihre metallosupramolekularen Aggregate

Wahl, Christian:
Absorptions- und Emissionsspektroskopie an superkritischem, flüssigem und gasförmigem Xenon im Vakuum-Ultravioletten Spektralbereich

Warchalski, Michał:
Uniform estimates in one- and two-dimensional time-frequency analysis

Weiland, Matthias:
Contribution of phenylpropanoids to the suberin barrier in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana

Welke, Pascal:
Efficient Frequent Subtree Mining Beyond Forests

Wolfshohl, Anke (geb. Schnabel):
Untersuchungen zur Synthese nanoskaliger Lithium-chrom(III)-phosphate und zur Deinterkalation von Silber-chrom(III)-phosphaten mit einer Ergänzung zur Synthese und Charakterisierung von Osmium(IV)-phosphaten

Wunderlich, Yannick:
The complete experiment problem of pseudoscalar meson photoproduction in a truncated partial wave analysis

Yin, Dongsheng:
Biophysical studies of EGFR conformation and interaction

Yuan, Bingjian:
The control of germination by the PP2C family protein RDO5

Zielinski, Catharina:
Establishment of a cell-based anti-prion compound screen and analysis of host response to prion infection in cerebellar organotypic slice cultures

Zhang, Yin:
Silica Cell Wall Morphogenesis and Cytoskeletal Dynamics of the Centric Diatom Odontella sinensis

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