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Acir, Ismail-Hakki:
Hochauflösende Protonen-Transfer-Reaktions-Massenspektrometrie zur Bestimmung des photochemischen Abbaus von grünen Blattduftstoffen

Ali, Muhammad:
Spatio-Temporal Estimation and Validation of Remotely Sensed Vegetation and Hydrological Fluxes in the Rur Catchment, Germany

Anissin, Jaqueline:
Einflüsse gesetzlicher Änderungen auf Medizinprodukteunternehmen

Arroyo Rabasa, Adolfo:
Lower semicontinuity, optimization and regularity of variational problems under general PDE constraints

Bach, Liselotte:
Towards a probabilistic regional reanalysis for Europe

Bannwarth, Christoph Nils:
Development and Application of Efficient Methods for the Computation of Electronic Spectra of Large Systems

Barabosch, Thomas Felix:
Formalization and Detection of Host-Based Code Injection Attacks in the Context of Malware

Bauer, Christoph:
Quantum Chemical Calculation of Electron Ionization Mass Spectra

Baumann, Jan:
Reconstructing Human Motion

Bayoumi, AbdElMoniem:
Foresighted People Finding and Following

Behrle, Alexandra Bianca:
Driving a Strongly Interacting Superfluid out of Equilibrium

Belwal, Swasti:
An Investigation of Constraints on Dark Matter Models from Mono-jet Searches at LHC

Bender, Daniel:
Airborne Navigation by Fusing Inertial and Camera Data

Berndhäuser, Andreas:
EPR distance measurements using triaryl methyl radicals and EPR investigation of electron transfer processes in organic radicals

Bödefeld, Theresa Sophia:
Modulation der Signaltransduktion des muskarinischen M1-Rezeptors mittels orthosterischer und dualsterischer Liganden

Boecker, Daniela:
Vegetationskundliche und bodenkundliche Analyse der sekundären Entwicklung halbnatürlicher Grasländer auf ungarischen Ackerbrachen

Boes, Felix Jonathan:
On moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces

Borzyszkowski, Mikolaj Ryszard:
The large-scale structure of the Universe; environmental effects and relativistic correctios

Braun, Verena Anika:
Characterisation of a MAPKK kinase from Craterostigma plantagineum

Bronova, Anna:
BonnMag a Computer Program for Angular Overlap Modeling of all fn-Systems: New Insights into Ligand-field splitting of Lanthanide and Actinide ions

Burghard, Oliver:
Calculating Sparse and Dense Correspondences for Near-Isometric Shapes

Cameron, Andrew David:
Innovative Pulsar Searching Techniques

Carneiro da Cunha Guio, Thaisa:
Effective actions from string and M-theory

Chandrasekar, Balakumaran:
From glycosidase activity profiling to inhibitor discovery in the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae

Chatzikaleas, Athanasios:
On the stability of the blow-up for the wave maps and the cubic wave equation

Chaudhry, Shafqat Rasul:
Investigation of systemic inflammation in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) and its impact on post-aSAH complications

Cioară, Irina Antonela:
Associated Production of a Top Quark and a Z Boson in pp Collisions at √s = 13 TeV Using the ATLAS Detector

Danvi. Alexandre Eudes:
Modelling the hydrological impact of rice intensification in inland valleys in Benin (West Africa)

Dávila Céspedes, Antonio:
Metabolites of bacteria isolated from marine environments: chemistry and bioactivities

Delattre, Sabrina:
The impact of dendritic calcium control on interneurons function within the hippocampal circuit

Deng, Mario:
Predicting Rules for Cancer Subtype Classification using Grammar-Based Genetic Programming on various Genomic Data Types

Domaros, Michael von:
Theoretical Modeling of Water and Aqueous Systems

Du, Dechuan:
Nucleon-nucleon scattering process in Lattice Chiral Effective Field Theory approach up to next-to-next-to-next-to-leading order

Duessel, Patrick:
Detection of Unknown Cyber Attacks Using Convolution Kernels Over Attributed Language Models

Dung, David:
Variable Potentiale für thermisches Licht und gekoppelte Photonenkondensate

Durán Urrutia, Carlos Alberto:
Terahertz Airborne Astronomy using a Four Detector High Resolution Spectrometer: 4GREAT

Eberle, Jonas:
Reconciling Molecular with Biological and Morphological Data Towards an Integrative Analysis of the Evolutionary Biology of Chafers

Eickhoff, Sarah:
CD8+ T cell priming and provision of CD4+ T cell help are spatially and temporally distinct events

Effland, Alexander:
Discrete Riemannian Calculus and A Posteriori Error Control on Shape Spaces

Etscheid, Justine Karoline:
Untersuchung der präferentiellen und alternativen Signalwegsaktivierung muskarinischer M2- und M4-Rezeptoren mithilfe von molekularen Testsonden

Etscheid, Michael:
Beyond Worst-Case Analysis of Max-Cut and Local Search

Ferner, Jessica:
Forage supply of West African rangelands: Towards a better understanding of ecosystem services by application of hyperspectral remote sensing

Förderer, Esther-Meena:
Biogeography and Diversity Hotspots of Larger Indo-Pacific Foraminifera

Forge, Frank:
(Iodo)-Tellur-Polykationen und Trihalogenotelluriumionen in Salzen mit Halogeno(oxo)metallaten

Fuchs, Barbara:
Numerical Methods for Uncertainty Quantification in Gas Network Simulation

Funke, Florian:
The L2-Torsion Polytope of Groups and the Integral Polytope Group

Gallego Fernández, Jose C.:
Strong Coupling between Small Atomic Ensembles and an Open Fiber Cavity

Garani Ramesh, Raghuveer:
Phenomenology of Dark Matter Annihilations in the Sun

Geier, Christian:
Knotenwichtigkeiten in räumlich ausgedehnten dynamischen Systemen

Ghana, Priyabrata:
Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Ylidyne and μ-Ylido Complexes Supported by Scorpionato Ligands

Ghneimat, Mazuza:
Probing the top-quark coupling to the photon through the cross-section measurement of ttγ production in pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

Ghule, Aishwarya:
The importance of endogenous opioids in feeding behavior

Giesen, Carmen Alexandra:
Die Dichotomie von BAG6 bei der Qualitätskontrolle und der intrazellulären Sortierung von Proteinen

Grabmüller, Melanie:
Vom Schuss zur Spur - Molekulargenetische Analysen von Rückschleuderspuren nach Schüssen auf biologische Ziele

Grap, Nadja Janina:
Ethologische Untersuchungen der Wahrnehmung von Oberflächenwellen des Wassers bei Krokodilen

Georgiev, Bogdan:
On the geometry of nodal sets and nodal domains

Gülmez, Dilege:
Vector-meson interactions, dynamically generated molecules, and the hadron spectrum

Haaken, Klaus:
Applied Hydrogeophysics For Managed Aquifer Recharge

Häbel, Sabrina:
Lipide als Transport- und Signalmoleküle : Untersuchungen in Makrophagen und Neuronen

Hageböck, Stephan:
Search for the H → bb Decay of the Standard Model Higgs Boson in Associated Production with Vector Bosons Using ATLAS Data at √s = 8 TeV

Hajkarim, Fazlollah:
Production of Dark Matter in Cosmological Models with Low Reheating Temperature

Hamann, Maren:
The role of guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) in EGF-receptor signalling

Hannes, Christian:
Activity patterns in the septal-hippocampal network predict voluntary locomotion

Hannig Jürgen:
Qualität der Kundeninformationen von Herstellern bei korrektiven Maßnahmen zu In-vitro Diagnostika

Hartmann, Stefan:
Example-Based Urban Modeling

Hasenbusch, Jan:
Analysis of inclusive semileptonic B meson decays with τ lepton final states at the Belle experiment

Heinkel, Sophie-Bo:
Therapeutic effects of wetlands on mental well-being

Hemperek, Tomasz:
Exploration of advanced CMOS technologies for new pixel detector concepts in High Energy Physics

Hewer, Rüdiger:
Stochastic physical models for wind fields and precipitation extremes

Hielscher, Romina Christin:
Funktionale Analyse von Fledertier‐Gebissen (Chiroptera)

Holke, Johannes:
Scalable Algorithms for Parallel Tree-based Adaptive Mesh Refinement with General Element Types

Hollberg, Jens Lothar:
Detecting Plant Functional Traits of Grassland Vegetation Using Spectral Reflectance Measurements

Höllermann, Britta:
Decision-making under uncertainty in model-based water management

Hörst, Julian:
Performance Analysis of Bearings-only Tracking Problems for Maneuvering Target and Heterogeneous Sensor Applications

Holze, Janine:
Dualsterische Liganden, allosterische Agonisten und ein allosterischer Förderer der Agonist-Bindung und -Funktion

Hu, Tianyuan:
Analysis of SCF+ cardiac cells in mice

Inkoom, Justice Nana:
Spatial Interaction of Agricultural Land Uses and their Impacts on Ecosystem Service Provision at the Landscape Scale

Iqbal, Muhammad Tauhid:
Physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of different barley varieties to drought and salinity

Iqbal, Umar:
Articulated Human Pose Estimation in Unconstrained Images and Videos

Is, Ozkan:
Ectopic expression of the sialic acid modifying enzyme CMAH in human THP1 macrophages

Iyappan, Anandhi:
Conceptualization of computational modeling approaches and interpretation of the role of neuroimaging indices in pathomechanisms for pre-clinical detection of Alzheimer Disease

Jatho-Gröger, Jasmin:
Deciphering the role of the deubiquitinating enzyme Ataxin-3 in transcriptional regulation and the cellular response to stress

Jensen, Lars Thorge:
p-Kazhdan-Lusztig Theory

Jensen, Maria Louise Strandet:
The redshift distribution and dust properties of dusty star-forming galaxies at high redshift

Jerschabek Laetz, Elise Marie:
Examining the Retention and Digestion of Functional Kleptoplasts in Solar‐Powered Sea Slugs

Kaffashzadeh, Najmeh:
A Statistical Analysis of Surface Ozone Variability Over the Mediterranean Region During Summer

Karnowski, Nora:
Binding of cytohesin 2 to the plasma membrane and its relationship with the EGFR

Kawalia, Shweta Bagewadi:
Discovering lesser known molecular players and mechanistic patterns in Alzheimer's disease using an integrative disease modelling approach

Kayser, Katrin:
Genomweite CNV-Analyse und zielgerichtetes Next-Generation-Sequencing zur Identifizierung neuer Kandidatengene bei Patienten mit HNPCC

Keksel, Nelli:
Influence of the St John´s wort extract Ze117 and selected ingredients on membrane fluidity and phospholipid composition in rat C6 glioblastoma cells

Kenkel, Johannes:
2-D Anisotropic Inversion of Frequency-Domain Induced Polarization Data

Khan, Muhammad Altamash Ahmed:
Nonlinear Filtering based on Log-homotopy Particle Flow

Kim, Wonju:
Ionized and Photodissociation Regions toward a New Sample of Massive Star-forming Clumps

Kirimi, Fridah:
Remote sensing based assessment of land cover and soil moisture in the Kilombero floodplain in Tanzania

Klaus, Christine:
Complement-mediated neuronal loss by sialic acid glycocalyx alterations

Kleinert, Henning:
Charakterisierung von gpr17 und dessen Einfluss auf die Myelinisierung im Zebrafisch (Danio rerio)

Klos, Stephan:
Ternäre Zintl-Phasen (Erd)Alkalimetall-Triel-Pentel und deren partielle Oxidation zu Pentelidgallaten

Kolontaj, Kerstin von:
Fast detection of protein-protein interactions with an automated FRET-based system on the flow cytometer

Kokordelis, Pavlos:
Phenotype and function of natural killer- and natural killer-like t cells in the acute phase of hepatitis c in hiv+ patient

Koner, Abhishek:
On the imidazole-2-thione-based route to tricyclic 1,4-diphosphinines: synthesis, structures and reactions

Kopfer, Eva:
Heat Flows on Time-dependent Metric Measure Spaces

Körber, Christopher:
Nuclear Lattice Investigations of Fundamental Symmetries

Kosciow, Konrad:
Untersuchungen zur Erweiterung des Substratspektrums von Gluconobacter oxydans

Kotthoff, Philipp:
Interaktionen und Signalweiterleitung von Dectin-1 in dendritischen, tolerogenen dendritischen Zellen sowie Transfektionsmodellen

Knist, Sebastian:
Land-atmosphere interactions in multiscale regional climate change simulations over Europe

Krapf, Michael:
Investigation of Quinazoline Derivatives as Inhibitors of Breast Cancer Resistance Protein (BCRP/ABCG2)

Krause, Achim:
Periodicity in motivic homotopy theory and over BP*BP

Kreszies, Tino:
Suberin biosynthesis in barley roots in response to osmotic stress

Krieger, Christoph:
Search for solar chameleons with an InGrid based X-ray detector at the CAST experiment

Kröninger, Lena:
Schlüsselenzyme der Methanogenese und der Energiekonservierung im Darmbewohner Methanomassiliicoccus luminyensis

Kruckow, Matthias U.:
Binary star population synthesis

Kuschak, Markus:
Entwicklung, Charakterisierung, Analytik und Anwendung von Tracern und Tool-Verbindungen für Gq-Proteine

Landvogt, Lisa:
Intranukleäre Mobilität und Export der kleinen Untereinheit in humanen Zellen

Leib, Nicole:
Functional cooperation of Toll-like receptor signaling and the high-affinity receptor for IgE, FcεRI, on human Langerhans cells

Leitzke, Felipe Padilha:
Crystal chemistry, melt composition and redox controls on the behavior of trace elements during lunar magmatism

León Delgado, Néstor:
Lagrangian field theories: ind/pro-approach and L-algebra of local observables

Li, Jiyang:
Investigation of Phthalazine, Quinazoline and Pyrimidine Derivatives as ABCG2 Inhibitors

Li, Jun:
Fine-Scaled 3D Geometry Recovery from Single RGB Images

Liu, Xinliang:
The Binding Behavior of Daptomycin on the Bacterial Membranes

Liyanage, Chatura Christoph:
Yukawa Couplings from D-branes on non-factorisable Tori

Löchner, Marie:
Molecular Mechanisms in the Unconventional Secretion of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme

Loida, Karla Henriette:
Modulation Spectroscopy of Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices

Lu, Yen-Sen:
Propagation of land surface model uncertainties in simulated terrestrial system states

Lundt, Ramona:
The role of the endocannabinoid receptor CB2 in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Lütkemeier, Robert:
Households at Risk - Integrated Assessment of Drought Hazard and Social Vulnerability in the Cuvelai-Basin of Angola and Namibia

Maarastawi, Sarah Athea:
Introduction of crop rotation and rice straw application in a former flooded rice system and their impact on the microbial community in bulk soil and the rhizosphere of Zea mays

Maas, Alexandra Sabrina:
Validierung und forensische Anwendung chromatographisch-massenspektrometrischer Methoden zum Nachweis von klassischen illegalen Drogen, neuen psychoaktiven Substanzen und Arzneistoffen in verschiedenen Matrices am Beispiel von Heroin, Cathinon-Derivaten und Propofol

Madruga de Brito, Mariana:
A participatory multi-criteria approach for flood vulnerability assessment

Marchant Campos, Pablo:
The impact of tides and mass transfer on the evolution of metal-poor massive binary stars

Characterization of the transcription factor ANAC058 and its role in suberin regulation

Martínez Lagunas, Kristel:
Establishment of a transgenic system for in vivo detection of apoptosis in the developing heart

Mathews, Mona Ann:
Xenosialitis modulates the function of the Alzheimer’s disease associated SIGLEC3 in human THP1 macrophages

Matrozis, Elvijs:
Evolution of carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars originating from mass transfer in stellar binaries

Matthiesen, Henrik:
On some variational problems in geometry

Matzner, Daniel:
Pseudo-Sugar Mimics of D-Glucosamine-6-phosphate are Activators of the glmS Ribozyme

Mehling, Lena-Maria:
Untersuchungen zum Metabolismus und Nachweisfenster von γ-Hydroxybuttersäure in biologischem Material

Merklinger, Eva Elisa:
Supra-molecular structures at the cytoplasmic periphery of the plasma membrane

Meßenzehl, Karoline:
Rock slope instability in alpine geomorphic systems, Switzerland

Mouanga, Gloria Hortense:
Impact and Range Extension of Invasive Foraminifera in the NW Mediterranean Sea : Implications for Diversity and Ecosystem Functioning

Muenker, Ruth Magdalena:
Test beam and simulation studies on High Resistivity CMOS pixel sensors

Müller, Julia:
Preservation of Astrocytic Coupling Prevents Epileptogenesis

Mustafa, Adeel:
Morphology, Ontogeny, and Biomineralization of Trichomes of Selected Higher Plants

Nagarajan, Aarti:
Mass calibration of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect using APEX-SZ galaxy clusters

Naumann, Jennifer:
The role of soluble guanylate cyclase in metabolism

Nent, Elisa:
Role of the cannabinoid receptor 2 in the development of surgical neuropathic pain

Niecknig, Johanna:
Final-state interactions in heavy-meson decays

Niediek, Johannes:
Mechanisms of memory consolidation

Nievendick, Hanna:
Molekulare Mechanismen idiosynkratischer Medikamenten-vermittelter Leberschädigung

Nöthel, Barbara:
Mechanosensorische Prozesse zur Erkennung und Prozessierung zyklischer Dehnung während der epithelialen Differenzierung

Oglic, Dino:
Constructive Approximation and Learning by Greedy Algorithms

Op de Hipt, Felix:
Modeling climate and land use change impacts on water resources and soil erosion in the Dano catchment (Burkina Faso, West Africa)

Patimo, Leonardo:
Hodge theoretic aspects of Soergel bimodules and representation theory

Pfankuchen, Daniel Bastian:
Beitrag zur Aufklärung der Chemoresistenz in A2780cis Ovarialkarzinomzellen und der durch Tinzaparin induzierten chemosensitivierenden Mechanismen

Prinz, Linda:
Syn- and post-depositional sand bodies in lignite –The interrelationship of tectonics and sedimentation in the Lower Rhine Embayment

Puttkamer, Timm Wilhelm von:
On the Finiteness of the Classifying Space for Virtually Cyclic Subgroups

Rahn, Anna-Katrin:
Ecological and host behavioural aspects of parasite dispersal in a simple and a complex host–parasite system

Rashed, Mahmoud:
Syntheses and structure-activity relationships of novel P2X3 receptor antagonists

Reeve, Falmer Scott:
Investigations into the DNP characteristics of electron and proton irradiated polyethylene and polypropylene

Rehbach, Kristina:
Rapid semi-automated phenotypic assays for compound testing in patient-derived SPG4 neurons

Reher, Raphael:
Ecological and Chemical Studies on the Gq-protein Inhibitor FR900359

Ross, Thomas:
Beiträge zur Aufklärung des antimetastatischen Wirkmechanismus von aliphatischen Lysophosphatidylcholin‐Derivaten

Roos, Saskia Christine:
The Dirac operator under collapse with bounded curvature and diameter

Rossi Schmitz, Ernany:
Generation of dark matter in the early universe from BSM models

Runkel, Stefan:
A New Continuous 4π-Frozen-Spin-Target for the Crystal Barrel Experiment

Sajid, Muhammad:
Magnetic QuantumWalks of Neutral Atoms in Optical Lattices

Sánchez, Ramsés J.:
Anomalous transport in spin-half chains

Santos, Fabián:
A Landsat-based analysis of tropical forest dynamics in the Central Ecuadorian Amazon

Sarin, Navin:
Cisplatin resistance is associated with altered signalling in NSCLC cells

Schanz, Jan Oliver:
The role of the AhR signaling pathway in regulation of gut-associated immune cells

Schäffer, Ina:
Grüne Infrastruktur als Standortfaktor und als Potenzial für das Standortmarketing

Scheeff, Stephan:
Totalsynthese von Archazolid F und Strukturanaloga

Schilling, Maximilian Thomas:
Alternatives Spleißen von BAG6 verändert die Zytoskelett-Architektur und die epithelial-mesenchymale- Transition in humanen Zellen

Schimannek, Thorsten:
Aspects of Fibers, Fibrations and their Non-Compact Limits in F-theory and Topological String Theory

Schleif, Melvin:
Regulation of gene expression in specific mouse brain cells during neurodegenerative prion disease

Schmidtke, Robert:
Dry granulation via roller compaction

Schneider, Alexander Gareth:
Transporteigenschaften und Reaktivität von Bor-hydrid-hydrat-oxidsodalithen

Schrör, Jan-Philipp:
The endophytic fungus Stemphylium globuliferum – secondary metabolites and biological activities

Schüller, Anna Katharina:
The glmS ribozyme is an antibacterial target

Schulte-Michels, Janka:
Mechanisms of action that contribute to the efficacy of ivy leaves dry extract EA 575®

Schulz, Matthias Peter:
Synthese, Eigenschaften und Anwendung von Squarainen als Komponente in Photodioden

Schulzensohn, Marlene:
Biologicals and Biosimilars

Schumacher, Sarah:
From Perception to Cognition: Multisensory object recognition and navigation in the weakly electric fish Gnathonemus petersii

Seema-Mergelmeyer, Pienpen:
Measurements of dfferential t-channel single top-quark production cross-sections in proton–proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Semikina, Iuliia:
G-theory of group rings for finite groups

Sieg, Christian:
The role of cytohesins and the ARNO-CNK1 complex in insulin signalling

Siemen, Anna:
Identifizierung und Charakterisierung neuartiger Oxidoreduktasen in Gluconobacter oxydans und Produktion des potentiellen Süßstoffes 5-Keto-D-Fruktose

Sommer, Daniel:
Understanding the role of SATB1 in CD4+ T cells by analysis of conditionally targeted mice generated by genetic engineering

Stadtler, Scarlet:
Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol in a Global Chemistry Climate Mode

Stadtschnitzer, Michael:
Robust Speech Recognition for German and Dialectal Broadcast Programmes

Surendran, Sandya:
Study of infection induced alteration in Drosophila larval feeding behavior

Stunden, H. James:
The role of the miR-17-92 cluster in macrophage driven innate immunity

Tamadaho, Ruth Shalom Emilie:
The relevance of myeloid-derived suppressor cells during Litomosoides sigmodontis infection

Thiele-Eich, Insa:
Flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the challenge of climate change

Thölken, Sophia:
X-Ray Studies of Galaxy Clusters and Groups

Thomas, Anne:
Characterization of the structural-functional impact of heterozygous missense mutations in genes of the blood coagulation factor XIII that cause mild Factor XIII deficiency

Tölkes, Sascha:
Numerical methods in stochastic and two-scale shape optimization

Tolksdorf, Felix:
Cytohesin-3 und sein Interaktionspartner Arl4d regulieren die T-Zellvermittelte Immunität gegen virale Infektionen durch Beeinflussung der IL-2 Produktion

Tom Kodamullil, Alpha:
Building multiscale computable model of Alzheimer's disease and identification of novel mechanisms for new therapeutic interventions

Urban, Martin:
Design eines neuen Lichtpulsersystems sowie Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme der neuen APD Auslese für das Crystal-Barrel-Kalorimeter

Vu, The Hung:
Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel ligands for the cannabinoid-like orphan G protein-coupled receptors GPR18 and GPR55

Wehler, Regina Daniela:
Phytyl Ester Synthases from Arabidopsis thaliana and Solanum lycopersicum

Wilbrandt, Jeanne:
Protein-Coding Gene Repertoires - Annotation, Characterization, and Variability in Holometabola

Wilkening, Anne:
Auswirkungen von Hitzestress auf das Proteom und die Proteinbiogenese in Mitochondrien: Proteinaggregation von Elongationsfaktoren als möglicher Schutzmechanismus gegen Proteotoxizität

Windle, Florian:
Funktionelle Charakterisierung eines spermienspezifischen Na+/H+-Austauschers

Winkelnkemper, Jan:
Antwortverhalten von medullären Seitenlinienneuronen auf Wirbelstraßen in laminarer und turbulenter Strömung

Winter, Raphael Elias:
On the dynamics of correlations in Scaling limits of interacting particle systems

Wissel, Daniel Rainer:
Intrinsic Dimension Estimation using Simplex Volumes

Woeste, Marina Amelie:
The role of GBA2 in controlling locomotor activity

Wong, Ka Tat:
The Physics and Chemistry of Oxygen-rich Circumstellar Envelopes as Traced by Simple Molecules

Worm, Martin:
Animal-Robot Interactions: Electrocommunication, Sensory Ecology, and Group Dynamics in a Mormyrid Weakly Electric Fish

Wu, Hung Kit (Jason):
Searching for Pulsars in Unassociated Fermi-LAT sources

Yakdan, Khaled:
A Human-Centric Approach For Binary Code Decompilation

Yang, Tzu-Ruei:
The reproductive biology of Cretaceous oviraptorid dinosaurs and its implication for the origin of bird reproduction

Zeidler, Claudia:
Functional Characterization of Interaction Partners of the Co-Chaperone BAG3

Zerbini, Federico:
Elliptic multiple zeta values, modular graph functions and genus 1 superstring scattering amplitudes

Zhang, Rong:
Systematische Identifizierung und Charakterisierung ursächlich genetischer Faktoren seltener urorektaler und gastrointestinaler Fehlbildungen

Ziaei, Vafa:
Theoretical methods for studying charge and spin separation in excited states of large molecules and condensed phase

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