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Abdullin, Dinar:
Localization of Paramagnetic Metal Ions in Biomolecules ny means of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Anders, Stefanie:
Rapid astrocyte morphology changes during epileptogenesis in the rodent hippocampus

Attard, Judie:
Strategies and Approaches for Exploiting the Value of Open Data

Baar, Martina Vera:
Stochastic individual-based models of adaptive dynamics and applications to cancer immunotherapy

Balkow, Aileen:
Alk7 signaling and direct lentivirus injection as novel approaches to investigate brown fat development and function

Batoulis, Helena:
Concentration Dependent Ion–Protein Interaction Patterns Underlying Protein Oligomerization Behaviours

Ben Bouallegue, Zied:
Verification and post-processing of ensemble weather forecasts for renewable energy applications

Berghoff, Christian Johannes:
Universelle elliptische Gauß-Summen und der Algorithmus von Schoof

Bettio, Martina:
Membrane-model systems to study EGFR-ARNO interaction

Bick, Theresa:
3D Radar reflectivity assimilation with an ensemble Kalman filter on the convective scale

Bickert, Andreas:
Biological functions of Sphingomyelin synthase related protein and Ceramide synthase 4 investigated with transgenic mouse mutants

Bohn, Bastian:
Error analysis of regularized and unregularized least-squares regression on discretized function spaces

Brakhane, Stefan:
The Quantum Walk Microscope

Brondolin, Mirco:
Peroxin3, a newly identified regulator of melanocyte development and melanosome biogenesis in zebrafish Danio rerio

Bruderek, Michael:
Intra-mitochondriale Proteinaggregatablagerung als Schutzmechanismus der mitochondrialen Qualität

Damas Segovia, Ancor:
Magnetic Outflows in the Virgo Galaxy NGC4388

Damm, Tobias:
Kalorimetrie und Phasenkorrelationen eines zweidimensionalen Photonengases

De Min, Anna:
A new molecular mechanism to promote protean agonism at a G protein-coupled receptorl

Debattista, Jeremy:
Scalable Quality Assessment of Linked Data

Degen, Christoph:
Finite Point Processes and Their Application to Target Tracking

Diehl, Patrick:
Modeling and Simulation of cracks and fractures with peridynamics in brittle materials

Doria, Alberto:
Weak Lensing–X-ray Scaling Relations for a High Redshift Galaxy Clusters Sample

Du, Shenxiu:
Functional Characterizations of the Reciprocal Interaction of the Circadian Clock gene Time for coffee (TIC) with Stress and Energy in Arabidopsis

Durcik, Polona:
The continuous analysis of entangled multilinear forms and applications

Dürnberger, Yvonne:
Functional regions within a Q/N rich prion domain driving prion replication in the mammalian cytosol

Echeverry, Fabio Andrés:
Physiological role of cation channels of P. irradians ciliary photoreceptors and human sperm

Eichel, Jana:
Biogeomorphic dynamics in the Turtmann glacier forefield, Switzerland

Embgenbroich, Maria:
The mannose receptor influences antigen-presenting cells by direct interaction with CD45R0

Erwes, Kim Lina:
Patientenspezifische induziert pluripotente Stammzellen als Modellsystem zur Untersuchung der lysosomalen Speichererkrankung Metachromatische Leukodystrophie

Fabris, Gloria:
Cellular biomechanics in 2D and 3D epithelial model tissues: from keratin intermediate filaments to breast gland in vitro reconstructed basement membranes

Fajemila, Olugbenga Temitope:
Benthic Foraminifera Assemblages from Shallow-Water Ecosystems: Implications for Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

Falkenberg, Timo:
Wastewater-Irrigated Urban Agriculture in the Context of WASH in Ahmedabad, India

Firaha, Dzmitry:
Molecular Approach toward Gases Absorption by Ionic Liquids

Gebreyes, Million Getnet:
Transformative Adaptation and Natural Resource Management Interventions in North Eastern Ethiopia

Geuenich, Jan:
Quiver Modulations and Potentials

Ginster, Janusz:
Plasticity as the Γ-limit of a Dislocation Energy

Gladbach, Peter:
A phase-field model of dislocations on parallel slip planes

Große-Veldmann, Bernadette:
Systematics, Taxonomy, and Evolution of Urtica L. (Urticaceae)

Hahne, Daniel:
Kaon Fragmentation Functions From Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering of Muons on an Isoscalar Target^

Heeren, Behrend:
Numerical Methods in Shape Spaces and Optimal Branching Patterns

Hentze, Konrad Friedemann:
Suitability Analysis of Satellite Remote Sensing Methods to Map Agricultural Land Use Change after Zimbabwe's "Fast Track Land Reform Programme"

Hermann, Simon Maximilian:
Visual analytics methods for shape analysis of biomedical images exempli ed on rodent skull morphology

Holz, Dirk:
Efficient 3D Segmentation, Registration and Mapping for Mobile Robots

Hufendiek, Peter:
Enzyme-inhibitory secondary metabolites and their exudation in the marine-derived fungus Epicoccum nigrum link

Istrate, Alina G.:
Formation of low-mass helium white dwarfs orbiting binary millisecond pulsars

Iza Teran, Victor Rodrigo:
Geometrical Methods for the Analysis of Simulation Bundles

Javanmardi, Behnam:
Cosmological Investigations On Large And Small Scales

Jenniches, Imke:
The importance of endogenous cannabinoids in stress-related disorders and depression

Keller, Denise:
Molecules in the circumstellar envelope of the evolved carbon-rich star IRC+10216

Klizaite, Kristina:
Medium-chain fatty acid metabolism in hepatocytes and adipocytes

Kofahl, Anna-Lisa:
Magnetic Resonance Rheology on Phantoms and Human Brains

Köhler, Karen:
Massive stars on the main sequence

Köhler, Sebastian Christoph:
Über ABCG2-Inhibitoren mit Heteroaryl-phenylamid- und Carborancarboxamid-Grundstruktur

Korir, Patricia Jebett:
Immune regulation in Plasmodium berghei ANKA infected mice either lacking type I interferon signalling or mimicking malaria tolerance

Kosmala, Tomasz:
Characterization of organic molecules at metal/electrolyte interfaces

Kraege, Stefanie:
Design, Synthese und Biologische Testung neuartiger Chalkon-Derivate als ABCG2 Inhibitoren

Krämer, Daria:
Species Identification and Delimitation in Nemerteans

Krapf, Regula:
Class forcing and second-order arithmetic

Krollmann, Kirsten:
Therapeutic concepts - Proposing a new regulatory pathway for combination therapies

Küpper, Janina Melanie:
Impact of the lack of cross-presenting dendritic cells on the generation of inflammatory immune responses in experimental Plasmodium berghei ANKA infection and therapeutic possibilities to limit excessive brain inflammation with doxycycline

Kurth, Julia:
The TsdA family of thiosulfate dehydrogenases/tetrathionate reductases

Läbe, Sashima:
Estimating sauropod body mass and gait

Lai, Zhong Yuan:
Wave dynamics in random, absorptive or laseractive media

Landvogt, Christian Rudolf:
Gold-Tellurium Clusters and Tetrachloridoaurates with Divalent Cations

Liemersdorf, Christian:
Neuronal Systems Potentially Involved in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lutz, Julia:
Improvements and application of the STatistical Analogue Resampling Scheme STARS

Marklewitz, Marco:
Diversity and Evolutionary Origin of the Virus Family Bunyaviridae

Meyer, Andreas:
EPR-Based Distance Measurements on Metal Nitroxide Model Complexes as well as EPR Spectroscopic Characterization of [Si2]-Radicals and Titanocene Complexes

Meyer, Anne:
Chromen-4-ones as novel potent and selective ligands for purinoceptor-related class A δ-branch orphan G protein-coupled receptors

Miebach, Andrea:
Climate- and Human-Induced Vegetation Changes in Northwestern Turkey and the Southern Levant since the Last Glacial

Mihatsch, Andreas Johannes:
Relative unitary RZ-spaces and the Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma

Mir Mohseni, Mahsa:
Analysis of the natural product biosynthesis in gliding bacteria using in vitro assays

Mitchell, Jessica:
Cortical bone remodeling in Amniota

Mitroi, Daniel Nicolae:
The role of sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase (SPL) in the brain

Murcia García, Cristina:
Investigations on the synthesis and reactivity of σ3λ3-oxaphosphirane complexes with fluorinated C-substituents

Nejati, Ammar:
Quantum Phase Transitions in Multi-Impurity and Lattice Kondo Systems

Niestroj, Martin:
A method for evaluating the role of gold nanoparticles in monochromatic x-ray studies

Nowak, Jennifer:
Prevalence of resistance-nodulation-cell division-type efflux pumps and their contribution to antimicrobial resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii

Oh, Seungkyung:
The Dynamical Ejections of Massive Stars from Young Star Clusters

Ooms, Astrid:
Generierung und Charakterisierung eines in vivo Modells zur BAG3P209L-Mutation im Herzmuskel

Opitz, Friederike Viola:
Rolle des Adaptermoleküls MyD88 im Mausmodell der Lichtalterung und Photokarzinogenese

Paurat, Daniel:
Intuitive Exploration of Multivariate Data

Pesántez, Luis:
Study of radiative B → Xs+dΥ decays at Belle

Pedron, Mark:
Zero Partition Cycles

Pesch, Yanina-Yasmin:
Molecular mechanisms of extracellular matrix dynamics at barrier tissues and control of molting in Drosophila

Peter, Manuel:
Active Plasmonic and Dielectric Nanoantennas

Prodjinotho, Ulrich Fabien:
Role of IgG4-mediated Suppression of Immune Effector Mechanisms in Human Filariasis

Räth, Niels Lennart:
Materialmodifikationen in Lithiumniobat- und Lithiumtantalat-Kristallen durch Ionenbestrahlung

Refai, Sarah:
Development of efficient tools for monitoring and improvement of biogas production

Robens, Carsten:
Testing the Quantumness of Atom Trajectories

Roos, Joris:
Singular integrals and maximal operators related to Carleson's theorem and curves in the plane

Saghiha, Hananeh:
Comparing galaxy-galaxy(-galaxy) lensing in semi-analytic models and observations to study galaxy evolution

Schonauer, Sophie:
Investigating the GBA1-dependent regulation of GBA2 activity in Gaucher disease

Schultens, Martin Johannes:
Search for Supersymmetry with Hadronically and Leptonically Decaying Tau Leptons at the ATLAS Experiment

Schulz, Hannes:
Learning Object Recognition and Object Class Segmentation with Deep Neural Networks on GPU

Shahidi Hamedani, Nasim:
Functional Modulation of Activated Protein C using DNA-Aptamers

Sheikhbahaee, Zahra:
Weak Gravitational Lensing Study of Dark Matter Distribution in The Abell 226/228 Supercluster Field Using The COMBO-17 Survey Data

Simon, Katharina:
The orphan G protein-coupled receptor GPR17: its pharmacology and function in recombinant and primary cell expression systems

Spindler, Anna:
Synthese und Untersuchung neuer ABCG2 Inhibitoren

Stenzel, Stefanie Anne:
Multiseasonal Remote Sensing of Vegetation with One-Class Classification – Possibilities and Limitations in Detecting Habitats of Nature Conservation Value

Stobe, Caroline:
Synthese und Racematspaltung chiraler 9,9‘-Spirobifluorene und 4,5-Diaza-9,9‘-spirobifluorene als potenzielle Affinitätsmaterialien für Quarzmikrowaagen

Theilenberg, Sebastian:
Imaging Meningiomas - The Road to the First Medical Application of the Novel Magnetic Resonance Rheology

Torne Torres, Pablo:
Exploring Radio Pulsars With New Technologies

Tzionas, Dimitrios:
Capturing Hand-Object Interaction and Reconstruction of Manipulated Objects

UIitzsch, Annemarie:
Regulation der Protein-Homöostase durch das Co-Chaperon Tpr2

Ulitzsch, Jens:
Erzeugung eines Bose-Einstein-Kondensats aus Erbiumatomen in einer quasi-elektrostatischen Dipolfalle

Uraltsev, Gennady:
Time-Frequency Analysis of the Variational Carleson Operator using outer-measure Lp spaces

Voge, Markus:
Searches for Neutrinos from Supernovae Using Cherenkov In-Ice Detectors

Wagner, Christina Hildegard:
Vergleichende Untersuchung der Genexpression in humanen Tumorzellknoten und Tumorzellrasen in vitro

Weigand, Maximilian:
Monitoring structural and physiological properties of crop roots using spectral electrical impedance tomography

Weinhausen, Stephanie:
Charakterisierung allosterischer Bindungsstellen von P2X4-Rezeptor-Modulatoren

Weinmann, Michael:
Material Recognition Meets 3D Reconstruction: Novel Tools for Efficient, Automatic Acquisition Systems

Wezisla, Boris:
Zeitaufgelöste Femtosekunden-Infrarotspektroskopie an einem Ferracyclobutadien zur Aufklärung des ultraschnellen photoinduzierten Ligandenaustauschs

Wilbert, Arik:
Two-row Springer fibers, foams and arc algebras of type D

Xu, Liangyu:
Pseudonymization and its Application to Cloud-based eHealth Systems

Yeh, Hung-Yu:
Period, Central Charge and Effective Action on Ricci-Flat Manifolds with Special Holonomy

Yira, Yacouba:

Zahid, Nageena:
Osmotic stress response in the industrially important bacterium Gluconobacter oxydans

Zhao, Yulong:
Numerical modeling of electromagnetic coupling effects for phase correction in borehole EIT measurements

Zhao, Junyi:
Physiological and molecular studies of different aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) genes in response to high temperature and functional analyses of the ALDH7B4 promoter in Arabidopsis thaliana

Zimmermann, Thomas:
Møller polarimetry for the BGO-OD experiment and cross section measurement of the reaction γp → K+Λ at the extreme forward angles


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