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Ahmedat, Ahmedat Salih:
Characterization of Expression and Functional Role of Endothelin-1 and its Receptors in Human Lung Fibroblasts

Aschenbrenner, Anna C.:
Dnajc22 - a new susceptibility gene for salt-sensitive hypertension

Aumeier, Charlotte:
The Cytoskeleton of Diatoms

Balfer, Jenny:
Development and Interpretation of Machine Learning Models for Drug Discovery

Basmanav, Fitnat Buket:
Genetics of schizophrenia: Contribution of rare and low-frequency sequence variants in selected genomic regions to disease susceptibility

Bauer, Oliver:
Surface bonding of a functionalized aromatic molecule : Adsorption configurations of PTCDA on coinage metal surfaces

Becker, Hanno:
Homotopy-Theoretic Studies of Khovanov-Rozansky Homology

Becker, Maximilian:
Aufbau eines Experiments zur Rückstreupolarisationsmessung an ELSA

Berbudi, Afiat:
Filarial infection and filarial antigen administration promotes glucose tolerance in diet-induced obese mice

Berger, Stefanie:
Energy conservation in aceticlastic methanogenic archaea and the human gut archaeon Methanomassiliicoccus luminyensis

Bhattarai, Sanjay:
Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of α,β-methylene-ADP derivatives: potent and selective ecto-5-nucleotidase inhibitors

Bockshecker, Michael:
Chalkogenanthrene und Übergangsmetallhalogenide - Komplexbildung und Redox-Reaktionen

Bohler, Cecilia:
New Results on Abstract Voronoi Diagrams

Böhm, Miriam:
Targeting the Final Step of Blood Coagulation

Bollmeyer, Christoph:
A high-resolution regional reanalysis for Europe and Germany

Brandenburg, Gerit:
Development and Application of Electronic Structure Methods for Noncovalent Interactions in Organic Solids

Bualeong, Tippaporn :
The Influence of the Xin Repeat-Containing Proteins on the Development of Pressure Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy in Mice

Büthe, Jan:
Untersuchung der Primzahlzählfunktion und verwandter Funktionen

Chirinda, Brian:
The allosteric core region of the M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor : role for ligand selectivity and action

Dannenberg, Holger:
Direct and indirect cholinergic septo-hippocampal pathways cooperate to structure spiking activity in the hippocampus

de Lima Leal Ferreira, Marcelo:
Magnetic Fields and the Formation of Aspherical Planetary Nebulae

den Heijer, Milan:
Tracing the Evolution of Local Universe Galaxies by Kinematical Studies of HI

Denkmann, Kevin:
Biochemische, strukturelle und kinetische Charakterisierung des ungewöhnlichen c-Typ Cytochroms Thiosulfatdehydrogenase

Doganay-Knapp, Kirsten:
Potential of Complementary Methods for the Authentication of Herbal Substances and their Mixtures

Díaz Lacava, Amalia Nahír:
Geostatistical Analysis of Genetic Diversity in the Present Male Argentine Population

Draebing, Daniel:
Influences of Snow Cover on Thermal and Mechanical Processes in steep Permafrost Rock Walls

Eich, Andreas:
Heteronuclear Polycationic Clusters from Group 15 and 16 Elements Synthesized in Chlorido Gallate Melts

Engel, Florian:
Untersuchungen zur Aktivierung des P53-Signalweges durch genotoxische Substanzen mit unterschiedlichen Wirkmechanismen

Eshtawi, Tamer:
Integrated hydrologic modeling as a key for sustainable development planning of urban water resources in the semi-arid watersheds of the Gaza Strip

Esteras Otal, Luis:
The Optical System and the Astronomical Potential of A-MKID, a New Camera Using Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Technology

Eweiwi, Abdalrahman:
Human Motion Analysis for Efficient Action Recognition

Faridani, Shahram:
A Study of Short-Spacing Correction for Galactic and Extragalactic Objects

Feindt., Ulrich:
Investigating Anisotropies in the Local Universe with Type Ia Supernovae from the Nearby Supernova Factory

Fiene, Amelie:
Entwicklung und Bewertung verschiedener Methoden zur Aktivitätsbestimmung von Ectonucleotidasen und zur Identifizierung von Inhibitoren

Flöer, Lars:
Automated Source Extraction for the Next Generation of Neutral Hydrogen Surveys

Förster, Sarah:
O-GlcNAc – a posttranslational modification implicated in Alzheimer disease?

Frenger, Marc Stefan:
Untersuchungen zur Regulation und Biosynthese apoplastischer Polyester in höheren Pflanzen

Fuchs, Florian:
Dynamic triggering: The effects of remote earthquakes on volcanoes, hydrothermal systems and tectonics

Fußhöller, David:
The voltage‐gated H+ channel Hv1 and the plasma‐membrane Ca2+ ATPase PMCA4 in human sperm

Gäbel, Yvonne A.:
Charakterisierung zellulärer Mechanismen zur Etablierung einer effektiven antiviralen Immunität gegen eine Hepatitis B Infektion

Gäbler, Anne:
Alkyne lipid probes and azide detection reagents for in vitro enzymatic assays and highly sensitive lipid imaging

Gantner, Martin:
Synthesis of ganglioside and lysoganglioside lipoforms as internal standards for MS quantification

Gennequin, Benjamin:
The cannabinoid receptor 2: from mouse to human

Gester, Michael:
VLSI Routing for Advanced Technology

Gioran, Anna:
Study of the effect of mitochondrial deficiency on the neuronal morphology of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Gondorf, Fabian:
Immune modulation by experimental filarial infection and its impact on E. coli-induced sepsis

Gräve, Kathrin:
Lernen komplexer Aufgaben aus Demonstration und eigener Erfahrung

Graw, Valerie Annemarie Martine:
Interlinkages of Land Degradation, Marginality and Land Use Cover Change in Kenya

Griemsmann, Stephanie:
Characterization of panglial gap junction networks in the thalamus and hippocampus reveals glial heterogeneity

Grohganz, Harald G.:
Algorithmen zur strukturellen Analyse von Musikaufnahmen

Grossert, Christopher:
Atomarer Transport und die Kontrolle von Transportresonanzen in optischen Gitterpotentialen

Grundmann, Manuel:
A multifaceted approach to investigate signal transduction at the receptor and post-receptor level focusing on the modulation of the free fatty acid receptor family

Grüzmacher, Monica:
Understanding social ecological change through palm use and management

Gu, Jie:
Braiding Knots with Topological Strings

Guo, Shaoming:
Hilbert transforms and maximal operators along planar vector fields

Gupta-Ostermann, Disha:
Computational Methods for Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis and Activity Prediction

Habibi, Maryam:
Starburst clusters in the Galactic center

Hallab, Asis:
Protein Function Prediction using Phylogenomics, Domain Architecture Analysis, Data Integration, and Lexical Scoring

Hardt, Robert:
Consequence of FA2H Deficiency and FA2H Interaction Partners Revealed by Proteomic Analyses

Harms, Henrik:
New bioactive metabolites from the marine-derived fungus Dichotomomyces cejpii and their pharmacological relevance

Hecker, Julia Kristin:
Die Bedeutung von Cofilin1 und Aktindynamik für die Funktion von T-Zellen

Heinemann, Jan-Christian:
Untersuchung des Einflusses des Endocannabinoidsystems auf das Schicksal, die Funktion und die Interaktion kardialer Zellen in vitro und in vivo

Heinze, Thomas:
Development and application of coupled THM solvers to estimate rock failure events from laboratory to feld scales

Herzog, Petra:
Reverse genetics for Human Coronavirus NL63

Holzinger, Astrid:
T-Zellen mit komplementierenden chimären Antigen-Rezeptoren haben eine erniedrigte Aktivierungsschwelle bei der Erkennung von Antigen-Mustern

Homsi, Yahya:
Tetraspanin web formation and function

Honisch, Christian:
Design, Aufbau und Test einer neuen Ausleseelektronik für das Crystal-Barrel-Kalorimeter

Horpaopan, Sukanya:
Identification of Novel Causative Genes for Colorectal Adenomatous Polyposis

Hou, Quancan:
Comparative studies of selected stress responsive DREB and ALDH genes in Arabidopsis thaliana, Eutrema salsugineum and Hordeum vulgare

Huber, Katrin:
The role of soil heterogeneity on field scale evapotranspiration: 3D integrative modelling and upscaling of root water uptake

Hullmann, Alexander:
The ANOVA decomposition and generalized sparse grid methods for the high-dimensional backward Kolmogorov equation

Hwang, Jintae:
A study of the state-nature relations in a developmental state

Ihle, Michaela A.:
Innovative Therapiekonzepte in mesenchymalen Neoplasien

Iqbal, Shahid:
Selenium modification of Rh(111) surfaces - Structure and electroactivity for oxygen reduction

Jansen, Hendrik:
Chemical Vapour Deposition Diamond

Jansen, Vera:
Optogenetische Kontrolle von cAMP durch eine photoaktivierte Adenylatzyklase

Jarzebski, Andreas:
Synthese und Charakterisierung von mehrkernigen supramolekularen Koordinationsverbindungen

Kadari, Asifiqbal:
Derivation of factor-free human induced pluripotent stem cells by Cre protein transduction and their differentiation towards cardiogenic fates

Kahlert, Uta:
Buch des Rhazes über Kinderkrankheiten

Kahl, Thilo Manuel:
Entwicklung eines bionischen Infrarotsensors: Evaluation von Materialparametern und Sensorkonzepten

Kalantarova, Habiba:
Local Smoothing and Well-Posedness Results for KP-II Type Equations

Karathanassi, Androniki:
Charakterisierung von Tumorstammzellen des Medulloblastoms und Analyse ihrer molekularen Regulation

Katawa, Gnatoulma:
The role of T helper 17 cells in the Pathogenesis of Human Onchocerciasis

Katzer, Roman:
Many-Body Anderson Localization of Strongly Interacting Bosons in Random Lattices

Kemeny, Michael:
Stable maps and singular curves on K3 surfaces

Khodayari, Mehdi:
Fuel Cells, Metal/Air Batteries

Kirst, Frederik:
Progressive orogenic deformation and metamorphism along the Combin Fault and Dent Blanche Basal Thrust in the Swiss-Italian Western Alps

Klitz, Margrit:
Numerical Simulation of Droplets with Dynamic Contact Angles

Klein, Melina:
Untersuchungen zu Synthese und Reaktivität von Donor-substituierten σ3λ3-Oxaphosphiran-Komplexen

Kleinert, Franziska:
Die Rolle von Insertionselementen in der Evolution der Antibiotikaresistenz von Staphylococcus aureus

Kobialka, Stefanie:
Synthesis, Crystallography and Spectroscopy of dinuclear Gold(I) NHC Macrocycles

Koop, Karsten:
Nachweis von vorwärtsgestreuten Protonen in photoninduzierten Reaktionen am Nukleon

Kopatz, Jens Christopher:
Microglial sialic-acid-binding immunoglobulin-like lectin-H (Siglec-H) and Siglec-11 in neuroinflammation

Krämer, Stefan:
Numerical calculation of automorphic functions for finite index subgroups of triangle groups

Kraus, Jana:
W → τντ Cross Section Measurement and Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the τlep τhad Final State with the ATLAS Detector

Krüger, Jessica:
Anti-Counterfeiting in Global Pharmacovigilance

Kucharczyk, Robert Anselm:
On arithmetic properties of Fuchsian groups and Riemann surfaces

Kwarteng, Alexander:
Transcriptomics and Immune Profiles of Asymptomatic Filarial-Infected Individuals

Labzin, Larisa:
Investigating the molecular mechanism of the anti-inflammatory effects of HDL in macrophages

Lennarz, Sabine:
RNA aptamers as selective protein kinase inhibitors

Leppert, Jan:
Schnelle Detektion luftgetragener chemischer Kampfstoffe mittels TD-GC-MS

Li, Guang-Xing:
Mathesis of star formation – from kpc to parsec scales

Limbach, Christian:
Development of a new reconstruction and classification method for Tau leptons and its application in the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Linnenbank, Heiko:
Second harmonic generation spectroscopy of plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials

Löffler, Johannes:
Singular propagators in deformation quantization and Shoikhet-Tsygan formality

Lohmann, Finn:
Design, Assembly and Triggering of Interlocked DNA Nanoarchitectures

Lohr, Friederike:
Carbon-carbon double-bond shift in the biosynthesis of the antibiotic corallopyronin A : CorJ DH*: a shift domain

Lüghausen, Fabian:
Galaxies in Milgromian Dynamics

Lyapina, Olga:
Cluster analysis of European surface ozone observations for evaluation of MACC reanalysis data

Markus, Carolin:
Die Funktion der putativen alkalischen Ceramidase ACER1 innerhalb des Sphingolipidstoffwechsels in Arabidopsis thaliana

Mehner, Stefan Georg:
Tools for Reasoning about Effectful Declarative Programs

Meid, Sandra A.:
Split Analysis Methods and Parametric Bootstrapping in Molecular Phylogenetics

Meisel, Sarah:
Hemmung des GM2-Gangliosid Metabolismus in, aus humanen Monozyten generierten, Dendritischen Zellen

Melo de Carvalho, Irene:
Neuropeptides in stress reactivity - Role of enkephalin in response to chronic stress

Mertens, Christina:
Chemical modifications of DNA activate the cGAS/STING-signaling pathway even in the presence of the cytosolic exonuclease TREX1

Messi, Francesco:
The Tagging System of the BGO-OD experiment

Meyer, Katharina:
The Role of Apoptosis Inducing Factor In modulating mtDNA copy number

Meyer-Eppler, Georg:
Synthese und Charakterisierung von planar chiralen 4,12- und 4,15-disubstituierten [2.2]Paracyclophanen, ihre Racematspaltung und Anwendbarkeit als Rückgratmoleküle für metallosupramolekulare Aggregate

Michel, Katrin:
Neuronal functions of RIM3γ and RIM4γ

Missura, Olana:
Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

Mitschka. Sibylle:
The role of Trim71 in cell fate determination of embryonic stem cells and germline development

Mosymow, Emma:
Neue Untersuchungen zur Synthese und Strukturchemie von polynären Lithium- und Silber-Übergangsmetallphosphaten

Mulcahy, David:
Nearby Spiral Galaxies at Low Frequencies

Müller, Iris Annette:
Fälschungen pflanzlicher Arzneimittel, Lebensmittel und Kosmetika

Nalavade, Rohit:
Investigation of the role of microRNAs in Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 3

Navarrete Avendaño, Felipe Pedro:
The APEX submillimeter imaging survey of distant galaxies in the COSMOS field

Nejjar, Peter:
Shock Fluctuations in KPZ Growth Models

Neumann, Marion:
Learning with Graphs using Kernels from Propagated Information

Niazy, Naima:
Die Rolle zytoplasmatischer Signalmotive des Herpes Simplex Virus Typ 1 Glykoprotein B für die endosomale Sortierung von Komponenten des MHC Klasse II Prozessierungsweges

Oprişoreanu, Ana-Maria:
Molecular mechanisms underlying presynaptic plasticity: characterization of the RIM1α and SV2A interactome

Oswald, Christian:
Semileptonic Decays of Strange Beauty Mesons at Belle

Ottersbach, Annika:
Intramyokardiale Transplantation MNP-beladener Zellen unter Verwendung spezieller Magnetfelder nach Herzschädigung

Peeva, Viktoriya:
Rearranged DNA in mitochondrial DNA maintenance disorders

Pelka, Axel:
Struktur-Variabilität durch Wirt-Gast-Wechselwirkung in Verbindungen mit Quecksilber-Chalkogen-Netzwerken

Poppe, Daniel:
Gene targeting in human pluripotent cell-derived neural stem cells for the study and treatment of neurological disorders

Pothmann, Leonie:
Changes of inhibitory micronetworks in the epileptic hippocampus and their response to anticonvulsant drugs

Poretschkin, Maximilian:
Calculating Corrections in F-Theory from Refined BPS Invariants and Backreacted Geometries

Pradier, Bruno:
The role of the cannabinoid receptor 2 in alcohol-induced neuroinflammation and alcohol addiction

Preckel, Katrin:
Oxytocin – the prosocial molecule?

Qu, Wei:
Characterization of soil water content variability at the catchment scale using sensor network and stochastic modelling

Rahman. A S M Mostaquimur:
Influence of Subsurface Hydrodynamics on the Lower Atmosphere at the Catchment Scale

Rahmani, Elham:
The effect of climate variability on wheat in Iran

Raju, Diana Nancy:
Non-lysosomal accumulation of glucosylceramide alters cytoskeletal dynamics causing globozoospermia

Rakers, Cordula Marijk:
The role of glial calcium changes in animal models of stroke

Reimann, Christoph:
Quantenchemische Untersuchung metastabiler Phasen von Übergangsmetalloxiden und -oxidnitriden

Reuter, Jonas:
Non-perturbative aspects of string theory from elliptic curves

Rieck, Sarah:
Verwendung magnetischer Nanopartikel zur lentiviralen Transduktion und zielgerichteten Positionierung von Endothelzellen

Roese-Koerner, Beate Katharina:
MicroRNAs in neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation

Roth, Nina:
Challenges of theoretical and numerical structure formation in a ΛCDM universe

Roy, Subrata Chandra:
Thermodynamically stable and metastable solids: New approaches to the synthesis of anhydrous phosphates containing vanadium, molybdenum, and/or tungsten

Ruiters, Roland:
Data-Driven Analysis and Interpolation of Optical Material Properties

Runa, Eris:
Mathematical Analysis of Lattice gradient models & Nonlinear Elasticity

Saavedra Garfias, Pablo A.:
Retrieval of cloud and rainwater from ground-based passive microwave observations with the multi-frequency dual-polarized radiometer ADMIRARI

Sandmann, Sascha:
Garnet Systematics of Subducted Continental Margins

Schadow, Benjamin:
Rolle des Signalgebers MyD88 bei der UV-induzierten Aktivierung des Immunsystems

Schäfer, Mandy:
A survey of the German mosquito fauna (Diptera: Culicidae) and identification of associated pathogens

Schaprian, Tamara:
Analyse der Wurzelarchitektur von Gerste (Hordeum vulgare) unter verschiedenen Umweltbedingungen

Schedler, Manuel:
Intensitäts- und Energieerhöhung an ELSA

Scherer, Katharina:
Aggregatbildung des Lantibiotikums Nisin mit Baktoprenolkomponenten der bakteriellen Zellwandbiosynthese

Schmitz, Anna-Lena:
Novel insights into mechanisms and selectivity of the heterotrimeric G protein inhibitors BIM-46187 and FR900359

Schneider, Fabian:
Statistical Analyses of Massive Stars and Stellar Populations

Schneider, Karin:
Untersuchung der molekularen Funktion des Stammzellfaktors Trim71 in der Karzinogenese

Schnell, Michael:
Development of anFPGA-based Data Reduction System for the Belle II DEPFETPixel Detector

Schoeps, Sabrina:
Investigation of two different aspects of stem cell biology

Schröder, Kai:
Visual Prototyping of Cloth

Schulte, Lukas:
Determining the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy with the Precision IceCube Next Generation Upgrade (PINGU)

Schulz, Christopher Nari:
Elektrochemische Darstellung von Tellurpolykationen

Schwartz, Jens Christopher:
Acquisition, Transmission and Rendering of Objects with Optically Complicated Material Appearance

Schwermann, Achim H.:
Über die Funktionsweise prätribosphenischer und tribosphenischer Gebisse

Schwindt, Thomas:
Evidence for the Higgs Boson Decay to t+t- in the Lepton + Hadrons Final State with ATLAS

Shekarpour, Saeedeh:
Semantic Interpretation of User Queries for Question Answering on Interlinked Data

Shelton, Christen Don:
Origins of Endothermy in the Mammalian Lineage

Siebke, Georg:
A μ-biomimetic uncooled infrared psensor based on the infrared receptors of Melanophila acuminata

Singer, Heike:
Eine Interaktionsanalyse des Nod-like-Rezeptors NLRP7

Singh, Manu Smriti:
Nanocarrier system for overcoming multidrug resistance in cancer

Sobey, Charlotte Anne:
Investigating astrophysical plasmas with pulsars using LOFAR and other telescopes

Spilioti, Polyxeni:
Selberg and Ruelle zeta functions on compact hyperbolic odd dimensional manifolds

Stappert., Laura:
MicroRNAs and orphan nuclear receptor GCNF as novel regulators of human neural stem cell differentiation and neuronal subtype specification

Stefanova, Ana:
Mechanistische Untersuchungen an bordotierten Diamantelektroden mittels differentieller elektrochemischer Massenspektrometrie

Stein, Kathy:
Zelluläre und molekulare Mechanismen der Entzündungsauflösung im postoperativen Ileus

Stillings, Jan André:
Search for the associated production of a W boson and a top quark with the ATLAS detector at 7 TeV

Stümpges, Birgit:
Molekulare Funktionsanalyse des zur CRELD Familie gehörenden Drosophila Gens Dcreld

Szafranowska, Barbara:
Coordination Complexes and Networks with Cyano-Substituted Azolates

Tan, Siwei:
Wastewater Management in Industrial Zones of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Thissen, Jens Michael:
The Foraminifera of the Zanzibar Archipelago (Tanzania, East Africa)

Trasatti, Monica:
Exploring the nature of radio relics and halos in galaxy clusters through GHz radio observations

Ulucay, Deniz:
Rheologie im Kopf

Vijaysarathy, Bharadwaj:
Detailed X-ray properties of galaxy groups and fossil groups

Villalba Franco, José Manuel:
Studies on the Synthesis of Strained Azaphosphiridine Complexes and their Reactivity towards Small Molecules

Vogel, Lena:
Muskarinische M3-Rezeptoren : Einfluss des orthosterischen / allosterischen Epitops Trp 7.35 auf Ligandbindung, Rezeptoraktivierung und Signalweiterleitung

vom Dorp, Katharina:
Phytol and Tocopherol Metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Vural, Jasmin:
Resolving the inner circumstellar disks of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be stars with infrared interferometry

Waßmann, Friedrich:
Suberin biosynthesis in O. sativa

Wahl, Sabrina:
Uncertainty in mesoscale numerical weather prediction: probabilistic forecasting of precipitation

Wainwright, Ashlea N.:
Dating Early Archean partial melting events: insights from Re-Os dating of micrometric Os-minerals from Kalahari Craton mantle xenoliths

Wenjin, Li::
Therapeutically important enzymes with polar substrates or products: characterization by capillary electrophoresis and identification of inhibitors

Wieschrath, Svenja:
Massenspektrometrische Analyse von enzymatisch-chemischen Verdaus zur Detektion vonPhotoaffinitätsmarkierungen des ABC-Transporters P-Glykoprotein

Wilking, Philipp:
Statistical properties of cosmological correlation functions

Wolf, Anna:
An Analysis and Evaluation of the Development of the QRD Human Product Information Template used in Package Leaflets

Wolfertz, Iris:
Ab-initio Untersuchungen an frühen Ausscheidungsphasen der Aluminium(-Magnesium-)Kupfer-Legierungen

Xue, Jia:
Transcriptional characterization of macrophages reveals unexpected novel biology

Yau Wong, Kaven Henry:
Measurement of the top-quark mass and the ttZ cross section in ATLAS: the tt dilepton way

Zander, Esther:
Distribution and genetic composition of carbapenem-resistance determinants in clinical Acinetobacter isolates – focus on carbapenem-hydrolysing β-lactamases

Zaspel, Peter:
Parallel RBF Kernel-Based Stochastic Collocation for Large-Scale Random PDEs

Zeiser, Jessica:
Charakterisierung von PQQ-abhängigen Dehydrogenasen aus Sphingomonas wittichii RW1 und Entwicklung eines enzymatischen Verfahrens für die Quantifizierung von PQQ

Zhang, Shanshan:
Efficient Pedestrian Detection in Urban Traffic Scenes

Ziegler, Konstantin:
Counting classes of special polynomials

Zillinger, Christian:
Linear Inviscid Damping for Monotone Shear Flows, Boundary Effects and Sharp Sobolev Regularity

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