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Aidoo, Owusu Fordjour:
Bio-ecology of the African citrus triozid Trioza erytreae Del Guercio (Hemiptera: Triozidae) on citrus in Kenya

Albrecht, Antonia:
Influence of animal-specific factors on the quality and shelf life of fresh poultry and pork meat

Arias Escobar, Maria Alejandra:
Direct use of urine as fertilizer

Bergs, Michel:
Einfluss von Miscanthus-Genotyp und Erntezeit auf Gehalt und Struktur von Lignin aus Organosolv-Verfahren

Boansi, David:
Extreme weather events in Sudan Savanna Region of West Africa

Borge del Rey, Laura:
Assessing technology transfer in the interdisciplinary research setting of the bioeconomy

Brenda Amondi Rasowo:
Assessment of incidence, severity and distribution patterns of citrus greening in Kenya and Tanzania; the role of African Citrus Triozid endosymbionts in disease epidemiology

Chitambo, Oliver:
African nightshade and African spinach: A neglected and underutilized resource with significant potential to manage plant-parasitic nematodes

Fellmann, Sebastian:
Untersuchungen zur Wirkung metallischer Nanopartikel auf Pflanzen

Götze, Franziska:
Demand for organic food in Switzerland

Groher, Tanja:
Suitability of non-destructive sensors for monitoring physiological and biochemical responses of tomato leaves and fruits to abiotic stresses

Hagos, Tsige Hailay:
Post calving metabolic status dependent changes on expression of extracellular vesicle coupled microRNAs in bovine follicular fluid and blood serum

Hartinger, Thomas:
Effects of pre-ensiling treatments on quality of lucerne silages, in vitro rumen fermentation and microbiota composition

Hasan, Md. Shamim:
The role of Rboh-mediated ROS and glutathione in plant-nematode interaction

Hecht, Vera Lisa:
Root and shoot phenotypic traits and their expression in response to sowing density in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Himics, Mihaly:
Trade policy representation in applied equilibrium models

Houtermans, Miriam:
Nitrogen sequestration in paddy and non-paddy soils formed from different parent materials

Jakobs, Inga:
The effect of deep tillage and incorporated organic material on development of different cereal crops

Jockschat, Carina:
Der Einfluss von Nonylphenolen auf die Entwicklung des Nervensystems und die synaptische Plastizität

Kamrath, Carolin:
Understanding food technology evaluation across supply chain actors

Khadrawy, Omar:
Modulation of Nrf2-mediated oxidative stress response in bovine granulosa cells and preimplantation embryos

Khalili, Hamed:
Spatial competition of learning agents in agricultural procurement markets

Koch, Maximilian:
Phosphorus forms in fertilized arable soil profiles and related 33P uptake

Kuhn, Till:
The revision of the German Fertilization Ordinance in 2017

Küpper, Paul Martin:
Homorhize und allorhize Wurzelsysteme: Vorfruchtwirkungen mehrjähriger Futterpflanzen auf die Ertragsbildung von Kulturpflanzen

Kyalo, Richard:
Challenges and opportunities of using ecological and remote sensing variables for crop pest and disease mapping

Landl, Magdalena:
Modeling the impact of biopores in the soil on root growth and root water uptake

Ludwig, Till:
Consumption Choices : The effects of food production, markets and preferences on diets in India

Martínez-Fresneda Muñoz, Lucía:
Influence of endocrine status on small ruminant sperm freezing response

Mendy, Badou:
Studies on nematode factors activating the plant immune system

Mensah, Michael:
Gender roles in Agriculture and natural resources management in upper east region, Ghana

Murugaiyan, Varunseelan:
Genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci associated with arsenic tolerance and accumulation in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Nguyen, Minh Tu:
Drivers of change, adaptation and resilience of agricultural systems facing increased salinity intrusion in deltaic coastal areas of Vietnam

Niang, Abibou:
Rice yield gaps in West Africa

Nyang'au, Isaac Mbeche:
Boundary work and agricultural innovation systems

Paulos, Helen Berga:
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Eastern Nile Basin

Quade, Maria Elisabeth:
Partitioning Water Vapor Fluxes by the Use of Their Water Stable Isotopologues

Rasowo, Brenda Amondi:
Assessment of incidence, severity and distribution patterns of citrus greening in Kenya and Tanzania; the role of African Citrus Triozid endosymbionts in disease epidemiology

Reuther, Marie:
Untersuchungen zur Wirtseignung toleranter Zuckerrübensorten für den Rübenzystennematoden Heterodera schachtii

Scherer, Rebecca:
Impact of ensiling conditions on formation of biogenic amines in grass and legume silages and feed intake behaviour of goats

Schneider, Johannes:
Visual Odometry and Sparse Scene Reconstruction for UAVs with a Multi-Fisheye Camera System

Sekyi-Annan, Ephraim:
Performance evaluation of reservoir-based irrigation schemes in the Upper East region of Ghana

Springer, Anne:
A water storage reanalysis over the European continent: assimilation of GRACE data into a high-resolution hydrological model and validation

Stark-Kent, Dorothea:
Evaluation of 13C Mixed Triglyceride Breath Testing and Fecal Elastase 1 assays for the assessment of pancreatic function in babies with cystic fibrosis

Strotmann, Christina:
Food waste reduction concepts for stakeholders in the food supply chain and auxiliary organizations

Taqi Aboubakr, Mohamed Omar:
Transcription factors mediated oxidative stress response in bovine follicular cells and preimplantation embryos

Vysotska, Olga:
Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments

Wang'ombe, Mary Wanjiku:
Identification of plant recognition receptors for nematode derived molecular patterns

Weber, Mareike Katharina:
Biofilme in Melkanlagen

Yeh, Ching-Hua:
The role of production method and country-of-origin labelling in consumers' food choice

Zaworra, Marion:
Toxicogenomic studies of the effects of insecticides on the western honey bee (Apis mellifera; Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Zhang, Zhongkai:
VLBI observations of the Chang’E-3 lunar lander

Zimmermann, Florian:
Analysis and mitigation of site-dependent effects in static and kinematic GNSS applications


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