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Al Masri, Ali:
Application of proximal sensing techniques for epidemiological investigations of Fusarium head blight in wheat under field and controlled conditions

Amouzou, Kokou Adambounou:
Dynamics of nitrogen and phosphorus under the impact of climate change and agricultural land use in the West African Sudan Savannah

Andeltová, Lucie:
Action-based and outcome-based payments for environmental services

Anwer, Muhammad Arslan:
Genome-wide-association studies (GWAS) on the interaction between the cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii and Arabidopsis thaliana

Betancur Corredor, Bibiana:
Agroforestry as a post-mining land-use approach for waste deposits in alluvial gold mining areas of Colombia

Brüning, Dave:
The effect of air exposure before and after ensiling on maize silage quality and dietary choice by goats

Butkowski, Olivier K.:
Consumer acceptance of biotechnology: the influence of product end-use, policy context, and information framing

Böcker, Thomas:
Farm-level impacts of policy instruments targeting plant protection products

Cai, Gaochao:
The impact of soil water distribution on root development and root water uptake of winter wheat

Cardona Santos, Elsa María:
Allocation of Payments for Environmental Services through auctions & the role of social interaction

Dadshani, Said Abdul Wali:
Genetic and physiological characterization of traits related to salinity tolerance in an advanced backcross population of wheat

Dohmen, Christian:
Junge Mütter auf dem Weg in eine Teilzeitberufsausbildung

Engelbert, Ann Katrin:
Interventionsstudie zur Rolle von Isoflavonen im Fettstoffwechsel gesunder postmenopausaler Frauen

Ernst, Jana Barbara:
Vitamin D status and risk of anemia in patients with cardiovascular disease

Evia Salas, Pablo Ernesto:
The Effect of Government Transfers on Poverty and Inequality

Feye, Getachew Legese:
Perceptions and Governance of Food Insecurity Risks among Family Farmers in Southwestern Ethiopia

Giepen, Michael:
Occasional direct-seeding of grain legumes in Organic Agriculture in Germany and Brazil

Gülden, Aline:
Investigation of the feeding process at concentrate feeding stations for horses in group housing

Halsig, Sebastian:
Atmospheric refraction and turbulence in VLBI data analysis

Hasan, Mohammad Monirul:
Investment in health within the agriculture, water, sanitation and hygiene nexus for rural households in Bangladesh

Horodyska, Justyna:
The impact on meat quality of strategies to improve feed conversion efficiency in pigs and the functional networks underpinning the relationship

Hounkpatin, Ozias:
Digital soil mapping using survey data and soil organic carbon dynamics in semi-arid Burkina Faso

Hütten, Marion:
Identification and characterization of a cystatin-like effector protein from beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii and its role in plant-nematode interaction

Jemal, Omarsherif Mohammed:
The role of local agroforestry practices for enhancing food and nutrition security of smallholding farming households

Jungbluth, Kerstin Helena:
Effects on Aerobic Processes at Silage Faces

Kamau, Juliet Wanjiku:
Sustainability of organic and non-organic smallholder farms in Kenya

Lee, Heera:
Analyzing trade-offs between ecosystem services in multi-functional landscapes

Leta Dufera, Gerba:
The Ethiopian Agricultural Extension System and Its Role as a Development Actor

Leucker, Marlene:
Phenotyping of Cercospora beticola resistance of sugar beet genotypes by hyperspectral imaging

Mehmood, Khalid:
Environmental behavior of cesium and strontium in agricultural and forest soil

Muchemi, Samuel Kagumba:
Host acceptability, suitability, interaction and establishment of two introduced Liriomyza leafminer endoparasitoids: Halticoptera arduine (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) and Chrysocharis flacilla (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in Kenya

Muffert, Maximilian:
Incremental Map Building with Markov Random Fields and its Evaluation

Muzammil, Shumaila:
Genetic dissection of shoot traits and proline content under control and drought conditions in barley

Okyere, Charles Yaw:
Water Quality in Multipurpose Water Systems, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health Outcomes in Ghana

Pandey. Hari Om:
MicroRNA-424/503 cluster involvement in regulation of bovine granulosa cell function and oocyte maturation

Rosa da Conceição, Hugo:
Determinants of incentive-based forest governance in the Amazon

Sakketa, Tekalign Gutu:
Ethiopian Youth in Agriculture: Relative Deprivation, Well-being and Occupational Choices

Shah, Syed Jehangir:
Analysis of the role of polygalacturonase inhibiting proteins in the interaction between plants and nematodes

Spiegel, Alisa:
Investment and land-use decision under consideration of uncertainty

Trautwein, Julia:
Lucerne silage for high yielding dairy cows– evaluation of the nutritional value using chemical and in vivo methods

Tutu Benefoh, Daniel:
Assessing land-use dynamics in a Ghanaian cocoa landscape

Vo, Thi Thu:
Studies on transmissibility, cytopathology and control of Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid and Potato spindle tuber viroid

Wedeking, Rita:
Ready for regrowth : A physiological and metabolic characterization of young sugar beets under temporary drought

Wei, Jing:
Reactions between nitrite and soil organic matter and their role in nitrogen trace gas emissions and nitrogen retention in soil

Werres, Jula Marie:
Zur tierökologischen Bedeutung der Elsbeere (Sorbus torminalis L. CRANTZ)

Zhang, Yinan:
Conceptualising and estimating rationalised agricultural optimisation models

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