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Afkar, Rythia:
Public Services, Social Protection, and Poverty

Altmann, Karina:
Generation, enrichment and characterization of bioactive oligosaccharides and peptides from milk

Andreas, Eryk:
Functional studies of microRNA 17-92 cluster members in bovine granulosa cells and oocyte maturation

Behmann. Jan:
Integration von hyperspektralen Merkmalen und 3D-Geometrie für die Klassikation von Panzenstressprozessen

Brockhaus, Jan Henrik:
The Role of Storage and Information in Stabilizing Food Prices and Supplies

Budde, Matthias Benjamin:
Erfassung und Bewertung der Einzelung von Feinstsämereien in Einzelkornsägeräten

Dehbi, Youness:
Statistical relational learning of semantic models and grammar rules for 3D building reconstruction from 3D point clouds

Dohlen, Sophia:
Assessment of a novel active packaging material to improve the resource efficiency of food production by increasing the safety and shelf life of perishable products

Eling, Christian:
Entwicklung einer direkten Georeferenzierungseinheit zur Positions- und Orientierungsbestimmung leichter UAVs in Echtzeit

Foterek, Kristina:
Complementary feeding practice during infancy and its relevance for dietary behaviour in infancy and childhood

Fritzen, Simone:
Die Relevanz von Prüfmechanismen in der Lebensmittelwirtschaft

Gessesse, Tigist Araya:
Above- and belowground carbon stocks in semi-arid land-use systems under integrated watershed management in Gergera watershed, Ethiopia

Gussek, Isabel Ruth:
Nutrition of giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) in captivity - Evaluation of feeding practice and analysis of rations in European zoos

Gutbrod, Philipp:
Studies on fatty acid de novo synthesis and metabolism in free-living and parasitic nematodes and their feeding sites in plants

Heck, Axel:
Untersuchungen zur Steuerung und Kontrolle der Vermikompostierung von organischen Abfällen

Hehnen, Dennis:
Ausgewählte Einflussfaktoren auf den Nützlingseinsatz gegen Thrips und Blattläuse im ökologischen Topfkräuteranbau unter Glas

Kasal, Tina:
Use of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds to assess the Health Status of Tomato Plants (Solanum Lycopersicum) cv. “Moneymaker”

Kautz, Burkard:
Fluorescence-based systems for detection of abiotic stresses on horticultural crops

Kesser, Julia:
Effects of different feeding regimes applied during rearing of dairy calves: circulating adiponectin and insulin sensitivity in early life and around the first lactation

Kihiu, Evelyne Nyathira:
Pastoral Practices, Economics, and Institutions of Sustainable Rangeland Management in Kenya

Kopp, Christina:
Regulation of adiponectin expression by trans-cinnamic acid and niacin in murine and bovine adipocytes in vitro

Kozicka, Marta:
Policies for food security in India

Kirui, Oliver Kiptoo:
Economics of Land Degradation, Sustainable Land Management and Poverty in Eastern Africa

Kropp, Sebastian Alexander:
Hochwasserrisiko und Immobilienwerte

Kuusaana, Elias Danyi:
Large-scale land acquisitions for agricultural investments in Ghana - implications for land markets and smallholder farmers

Leufen, Georg:
Sensing the response of sugar beet and spring barley to abiotic and biotic stresses with proximal fluorescence techniques

Mekonnen, Daniel Ayalew:
Social interactions, aspirations, and agricultural innovations

Merz, Benedikt:
Metabolic markers as determinants of future waist-gaining or hip-gaining phenotype in weight-gaining individuals

Mujahid, Irfan:
Assessing the Role of Trade and Reserve Cooperation in the Food Price Dynamics: Indonesia in the Regional and Global Economic Architecture

Mukherjee, Santanu:
Analysis of biomixtures to determine the fate of pesticides

Njiraini, Georgina Wambui:
Water Policy in South Africa - Effects, impacts, and the associated transaction costs  in the Olifants Basin

Nonn, Harald:
Bodenphysikalische, bodenchemische und vegetationskundliche Eigenschaften von Rasensportplätzen in "bodennahen Bauweisen"

Pourmoayyed, Parisa:
The effect of sulfur deficiency in pea (Pisum sativum) on factors related to nitrogen fixation and on sulfate transporters

Rahmat, Siti Rahyla:
Global Value Chains and the Role of Innovation for Sustainable Palm Oil: An International Bioeconomy Analysis for Malaysia

Rasch, Sebastian:
Resilience, collapse and reorganization of a rangeland socio-ecological system in South Africa

Ro, Sophoanrith:
Potential of organic manures in rainfed lowland rice‐based production systems on sandy soils of Cambodia

Römer, Christoph:
Identication of Relevant Patterns in Spectral Signatures

Sabelhaus, Dennis:
Fahrspur- und Routenplanung für teilautonome, GNSS-gestützte Landmaschinen

Schumacher, Maike:
Methods for assimilating remotely-sensed water storage changes into hydrological models

Schulz, Kirsten:
Influence of body condition and dietary energy supply on lipolysis, ketogenesis and immune system of periparturient dairy cows with special regard to dipeptidyl peptidase-4

Schuster, Hanns-Florian:
Interpretation of Aerial Images with Learned Graphical Models

Stockinger, Michael Paul:
Streamwater transit time distributions at the catchment scale: constraining uncertainties through identification of spatio-temporal controls

Weber, Martina:
Endocrine activity of adipose tissues as influenced by energy intake in the periparturient cow

Wenzel, Susanne:
High-Level Facade Image Interpretation using Marked Point Processes

Wu, Lin-Bo:
Genetic and Physiological Analyses of the Tolerance Mechanisms to Ferrous Iron Toxicity in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Yang, Qin:
Epigenetic regulation of CD14 in TRIF pathway in pulmonary alveolar macrophages of German Landrace pigs

Zavelberg, Yvonne:
Imperfect competition in an oligopsonistic setting

Zhang, Rui:
Identification of candidate genes for porcine meat quality and investigation of effects of sulforaphane on porcine satellite cells

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