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Amin, Ahmed:
NRF2 mediated oxidative stress response activity during early in vitro bovine embryo development

Angulo Villacís, Carlos Lenín:
Re-Solution - understanding the uncertainty in regional applications of crop models

Baumüller, Heike:
Agricultural Innovation and Service Delivery through Mobile Phones : Analyses in Kenya

Benninghoff, Jens:
Dietary strategies to optimize energy and glucose supply to lactating dairy cows

Bergfelder-Drüing, Sarah:
Genome-wide association study for reproduction traits in maternal pig breeds

Binh, Nguyen Thanh:
Vulnerability and adaptation to salinity intrusion in the Mekong delta of Vietnam

Böhme, Beate:
Soil water availability in agriculturally used wetlands of East Africa

Bothe, Alexandra:
Plant parameters for the marker and trait assisted selection of drought stress tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare)

Brüll, Verena:
Placebo-kontrollierte Interventionsstudie zum Einfluss von Quercetin auf Blutdruck und Endothelfunktion bei übergewichtigen Hypertonikern

Chen, Lu:
Quality management, certification and related agricultural organisations along the value chain

Danso, Isaac:
Soil and water conservation technologies in the West African Sudan Savanna: Cropping system options to address variability of crop yield and impacts of climate change

Derichs, Julia:
Untersuchung der Kälteanpassungsmechanismen bakterieller Zellmembranen

Dimitrov, Marin:
Interpretation of L-band brightness temperatures of differently tilled bare soil plots

Finken, Diana:
Untersuchungen zur Eignung des „Auerochsen" für Ganzjahresbeweidung

Freese, Johanna A.:
A 24-hour food list for dietary assessment in large-scale epidemiological studies

Friedrichs, Paula:
Nutritional strategies and their influence on the expression of nutrient sensing G protein-coupled receptors in adipose tissue of dairy cows

Gangi, Laura:
Real-time quantification of oxygen isotope exchange between carbon dioxide and leaf/soil water in terrestrial ecosystems with laser-based spectroscopy

Gorniak, Tobias:
Silage maize variety and heat stress

Graf, Sonja:
Effekte einer Nährstoffsupplementation (Molkenprotein und Kaliumbicarbonat) in Kombination mit Kraft- und Ganzkörpervibrationstraining auf den Knochenabbau in Bettruhe

Grosche, Stephanie-Carolin:
Price effects from the financialization of agricultural commodity markets

Guo, Zhiqing:
Ecological interactions of Fusarium species and the meal beetle Tenebrio molitor

Guta, Dawit Diriba:
Bio-Based Energy, Rural Livelihoods and Energy Security in Ethiopia

Haile, Mekbib Gebretsadik:
Volatility of International Food Prices

Heil, Jannis:
The role of abiotic processes in the formation and degradation of gaseous nitrogen compounds in the soil

Höller, Stefanie:
Ascorbate Metabolism in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and its Implications for Tolerance against Zinc Deficiency

Holst, Christoph:
Analyse der Konfiguration bei der Approximation ungleichmäßig abgetasteter Oberflächen auf Basis von Nivellements und terrestrischen Laserscans

Huseynov, Rashad:
Welfare and Economy-Wide Effects of Azerbaijan’s Accession to the World Trade Organization: A Quantitative Assessment

Husmann, Christine:
The private sector and the marginalized poor

Ibrahim, Sally:
Effect of sub-clinical endometritis on miRNAs expression profile of endometrial and oviductal epithelium and its implication of early embryonic development

Kornher, Lukas:
Food price volatility: the role of stocks and trade

Laubenthal, Lilian:
Cellular energy supply and aging in dairy cows

Leek, Judith:
The application of impact factors to scheduling VLBI Intensive sessions with twin telescopes

Montenegro-Bethancourt, Gabriela:
Application and perspectives of non-invasive urinary biomarker measurements in epidemiological research on child nutrition: hydration and iodine status, two health-relevant examples

Musafiri, Ildephonse:
The Determinants of Long-Term Growth in Smallholder Agriculture in Rwanda

Mousavi Rizi, Seyed Amir Hossein:
Optimierung der Temperaturüberwachung von nicht aktiv gekühlten Pharma Supply Chains

Nguyen, Van Phuong:
Preferences for high-value agricultural products in developing countries - Demand analyses for livestock products in Vietnam

Oskenbayev, Yessengali:
International analyses of natural resource curse and Kazakhstan’s related economic performance with special attention to its wheat and energy sectors

Prastowo, Sigit:
Function and regulation of AMP-activated protein kinase in in vitro development and lipid metabolism of preimplantation bovine embryos

Priambodo, Taufiq Wisnu:
Effects of medium-chain fatty acids and ration type on in vitro ruminal methane production

Qu, Xueqi:
Innate immune responses of LPS treated porcine monocyte-derived dendritic cells after exposure to the histone deacetylase inhibitor sulforaphane

Rakib, Muntaha:
Gender- Differentiated Asset Dynamics in Bangladesh: Individual Adaptation and the Potential for Group Based Approaches in the Context of Climate Changel

Riaz, Muhammad Qaiser:
Comparative intake and digestibility among ruminant species fed forage-based diets

Roese-Koerner, Lutz:
Convex Optimization for Inequality Constrained Adjustment Problems

Schachtsiek, Tilman:
Exploring the potential of multipurpose tree species for revegetating abandoned cropping sites in the lower Amu Darya Basin

Schulze-Geisthövel, Sophia Veronika:
System innovations promoting health management in pig production chains

Seehuber, Claudia:
Nährstoffversorgung zur Optimierung der N2-Fixierung und Produktivität von Körnerleguminosen

Shikongo, Sem T.:
An empirical Investigation into the factors critical to the effectiveness of ABS implementation at the national and international levels

Siengdee, Puntita:
MiRNAs as regulators of gene expression modulate development and energy metabolism of skeletal muscle

Simon, Michael:
Resource Allocation for Health in Tanzania – Determinants and Development Implications

Tambo., Justice Akpene:
Farmer Innovation in Rural Ghana - Determinants, Impacts and Identification

Tashi, Sonam:
The Prospects of Organic Farming in Bhutan

Trein, Linda:
Flächenentwicklung der Kalkmagerrasen im nordrhein-westfälischen Teil der Eifel seit 1900 und ihr aktueller Zustand

Ueda, Yoshiaki:
Genetic and physiological factors of ozone tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Viveros Añorve, José Luis:
The Opportunity Cost of Financing Oportunidades

Wilbers, Gerardus Wilhelmus (Gert-Jan):
Assessment of health-related risks associated with domestic water uses in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Winands-Kalkuhl, Sarah Margareta:
International Cooperation for the Conservation and Sustainable and Fair Use of Biodiversity

Wolf, Eva Verena:
Micronutrient status in morbidly obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery - assessment and intervention

Yang, Haoran:
Land Rental Market and Rural Economic Development

Zhang, Jin:
Crop management options to reduce nitrogen pollution in Liangzihu lake basin, Central China

Zhang, Yi:
Impacts of Rural-urban Migration on Demographic Transition, Human Capital Investment and Agricultural Productivity in China’s Rural Areas

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