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Ahmad, Ijaz:
Investigation of miRNAs enrichment and degradation in bovine granulosa cells during follicular development

Akushie Wittmann, Sophia:
The Role of Civil Society in the Promotion of Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurial Development

Banerjee, Chirantan:
Weather Derivatives Revisited

Baumert, Sophia Emilia:
Life cycle assessment of carbon and energy balances in Jatropha production systems of Burkina Faso

Bekchanov, Maksud:
Efficient Water Allocation and Water Conservation Policy Modeling in the Aral Sea Basin

Berdugo Agudelo, Carlos Andres:
Effects of fungicides on physiological parameters and yield formation of wheat assessed by non-invasive sensors

Beuters, Patrick:
Dynamik des spezifisch gebundenen Ammoniums unter Einfluss der Fruchtfolge und der Wurzelarchitektur landwirtschaftlicher Nutzpflanzen

Brockmann, Jan Martin:
On High Performance Computing in Geodesy - Applications in Global Gravity Field Determination

Changwony, Kipkemoi:
Effects of Land Use Duration on Forage Quality in a Littoral Wetland of Kenya

Costa Pedroso, Rui Miguel:
Dimensioning Branched Water Distribution Networks for Agriculture

Dahlhoff, Katharina:
Beratung von milchviehhaltenden Betrieben auf der Basis von Verhaltens- und Erscheinungsparametern ihrer Milchkühe

Derpmann, Jürgen:
Characterisation of fitness parameters and population dynamics of Botrytis cinerea for the development of fungicide resistance management strategies in grapevine

Djanibekov, Utkur:
Trees, crops, and rural livelihoods: Afforestation of marginal croplands in Uzbekistan

Dold, Christian:
Soil attribute changes along chronosequences of land use in the littoral wetlands of Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Forootan, Ehsan:
Statistical Signal Decomposition Techniques for Analyzing Time-Variable Satellite Gravimetry Data

Goletzke, Janina:
Aspects of carbohydrate quality and their relevance for risk markers of type 2 diabetes and related health outcomes

Gómez Caro, Sandra:
Infection and spread of Peronospora sparsa on Rosa sp. (Berk.)

Haverkamp, Michaela:
Einfluss der agronomischen Maßnahmen, Umwelt und Sorte auf die wertbestimmenden Eigenschaften von Faserhanf (Cannabis sativa L.) in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Heinz, Johanna Franziska Lisa:
Adiponectin in Cattle: Profiling of molecular weight patterns in different body fluids at different physiological states and assessment of adiponectin’s effects on lymphocytes

Herbert, Ulrike:
Assessment of different packaging atmospheres for the poultry meat industry based on an overall quality index

Hirsch, Stefan:
Abnormal profits and profit persistence: evidence from the European food industry

Huynh, Thi Phuong Loan:
Analysis of functional candidate genes related to ubiquitination process for meat quality in commercial pigs

Joslowski, Gesa:
The relevance of dietary insulin demand and dietary protein intake during adolescence for the development of body composition and the adult GH-IGF axis

Kaesler, Nadine:
Vitamin K dependent γ-carboxylation in chronic kidney disease

Kim, Bongsong:
Genomic Prediction and Association Mapping Using Publicly Available Data of German Variety Trials in Spring Barley

Kosack, Lutz:
Hemerobe Uferstrukturen des unteren Mittelrheins und ihre vegetationskundliche Bedeutung

Kumar, Navneet:
Impacts of Climate Change and Land-use Change on the Water Resources of the Upper Kharun Catchment, Chhattisgarh, India

Lasic, Emir:
Sustainable use of washing machine: modeling the consumer behavior related resources consumption in use of washing machines

Lorentz, Lothar:
Herbicide Resistance - Molecular and Physiological Characterization of the Glyphosate Resistant Weeds Amaranthus ssp. and Sorghum ssp.

Ludwig, Yvonne:
Molecular characterization of the maize (Zea mays L.) AUXIN/INDOLE-3-ACETIC ACID (Aux/IAA) gene family

Meressa, Beira Hailu:
Distribution, Population Dynamics and Sustainable Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Cut-Flowers in Ethiopia

Müller, Viola:
Relevance of mineral nutrition and light quality for the accumulation of secondary metabolites in Centella asiatica and Hydrocotyle leucocephala

Neuhoff, Christiane:
Transcriptomics and proteomics analysis to identify molecular mechanisms associated with meat quality traits

Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan:
Comparative studies on the infection and colonization of maize leaves by Fusarium graminearum, F. proliferatum and F. verticillioides

O’Hagan, Juliane:
Strategies for risk oriented inspections between customers and suppliers in agri-food supply chains

Pohlhausen, Stefanie:
Energy and protein intake, anthropometrics, disease burden and 1-year mortality in elderly home-care receivers living in Germany

Pröll, Maren Julia:
Transcriptome analysis using RNA-Seq on response of respiratory cells infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)

Rietbroek, Roelof:
Retrieval of Sea Level and Surface Loading Variations from Geodetic Observations and Model Simulations

Roß, Fabian Heribert:
Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur vergleichenden Qualitätsbeurteilung von Silagen mit einem Chemosensor-System

Sahadevan, Sudeep:
Application of knowledge discovery and data mining methods in livestock genomics for hypothesis generation and identification of biomarker candidates influencing meat quality traits in pigs

Schäfer, Florian:
Carbon Footprint ausgesuchter gartenbaulicher Kulturen im Rahmen eines Pilotprojektes zur neuen PAS 2050-1

Schulte-Geers, Matthias:
Beurteilung von Wetterderivaten als Innovation im Risikomanagement landwirtschaftlicher Betriebe

Seifi Noferesti, Sina:
Bovine ovarian hyperstimulation induced changes in expression profile of circulatory miRNA in follicular fluid and blood plasma

Setiadi, Neysa Jacqueline:
Assessing People´s Early Warning Response Capability to Inform Urban Planning Interventions to Reduce Vulnerability to Tsunamis

Simon, Marie-Christine:
Probiotics as a novel approach to modulate incretins, insulin secretion and risk factors of type 2 diabetes and complication

Singh, Shiva Pratap:
Characterization of adiponectin at different physiological states in cattle based on an in-house developed immunological assay for bovine adiponectin

Sittig, Stephan:
Sorption, Transformation and Transport of Sulfadiazine in a loess and a sandy Soil

Sohel, Mahmodul Hasan:
Exosomal and non-exosomal circulatory miRNAs in bovine follicular fluid

Storm, Hugo:
Methods of analysis and empirical evidence of farm structural change

Tikam, Kanitta:
Evaluation of pangola grass as forage for ruminants

Walgenbach, Martin:
Aufbau und Untersuchung eines Versuchsträgers zur Direkteinspeisung an der Düse

Wenghoefer, Volker Christian:
Entwicklung einer optimierten Produktion von Miscanthus-Mischpellets für Kleinfeuerungsanlagen

Wilde, Julia:
Untersuchungen zur Wirkung von Fungiziden auf den arbuskulären Mykorrhizapilz Glomus intraradices

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