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Antonini, Samantha:
Nutrient recovery from human urine

Basi, Sabin:
Deposits of foliar-applied herbicides

Bedawy, Ismail Mahmoud Ahmed:
Association Mapping of QTLs for Fusarium Head Blight Tolerance in a Structured Barley Population

Do Thi Cam Van:
Compost and residues from biogas plant as potting substrates for salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive plants

Dong, Xue:
Identification and computational analysis of differential H3K27me3 targets between Arabidopsis thaliana accessions

Düsseldorf, Simon:
Concept of key performance indicators controlling consumer oriented quality and herd health management in a Bavarian pork chain

Feuer, Hart Nadav:
Pre-Industrial Ecological Modernization in Agro-Food and Medicine

Förster, Saskia:
Einfluss langjährig differenzierter organischer Düngung auf S-Bindungsformen und S-Nachlieferung einer Parabraunerde aus Löß

Frieden, Luc:
Züchterische Möglichkeiten zur Reduktion von geschlechtsbedingten Geruchsabweichungen am Schlachtkörper von männlichen, unkastrierten Mastschweinen

Garbert, Johanna:
Ökonomische Auswirkungen von Politiken zur Umsetzung der Wasserrahmenrichtlinie auf die Schweinehaltung im Münsterland

Gerlach, Katrin:
The aerobic deterioration of silages as estimated from chemical composition and dietary choice by goats

Gunawan, Asep:
Identification of candidate genes for boar taint using RNA deep sequencing

Heidt, Hanna:
Integration of genome wide association and expression profiling for investigating water holding capacity traits in a Duroc × Pietrain resource population

Held, Eva Elisabeth:
Morphological reflectors and molecular predictors of preimplantation developmental competence in bovine oocytes and embryos

Hippenstiel, Friederike:
Energy and nitrogen use efficiency in farm animal nutrition – opportunities and limitations for improvement

Hödtke, Marco:
Vergleich verschiedener Anbausysteme des Organischen Landbaus für Mais und zwei Leguminosenarten

Iskandar, Deden Dinar:
Dealing With Bribery in an Emission Tax Scheme

Islam, Mohammad Ariful:
Porcine Alveolar Macrophage Responses to Gram-positive and Gram-negative Bacterial Components in Innate Immunity

Jobse, Inken:
Screening for malnutrition and Intervention with oral nutritional supplements in nursing home residents

Kempen, Markus:
EU wide analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy using spatially disaggregated data

Klauke, Thorsten Norbert:
Risk based approach towards more sustainability in European pig production

Kothe, Lisa:
Analyse technologisch bedingter Veränderungen phenolischer Verbindungen in Kakao und Kakaoprodukten mit LC-MS und Kapillarelektrophorese

Lengers, Bernd:
The relation between indicators for the crediting of emission rights and abatement costs

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan, Muhammad:
Nurturing Interdisciplinarity in Agricultural Research through Capacity-Building

Metzger-Petersen, Katrin:
Supplementation of a rumen-protected conjugated linoleic acid mixture (cis-9, trans-11; trans-10, cis-12) to early lactation dairy cows

Mirzabaev, Alisher:
Climate Volatility and Change in Central Asia - Economic Impacts and Adaptation

Mugrabi de Kuppler, Ana Laura:
Phylogenetics, flow-cytometry and pollen storage in Erica L. (Ericaceae)

Niedrée, Bastian:
Effects of 137Cs and 90Sr on structure and functional aspects of the microflora in agricultural used soils

Peveling-Oberhag, Christian:
Erfassung der Wurzelarchitektur von Zuckerrüben und Mangold mittels UWB-RADAR

Pinior, Beate:
Application of Models for Safeguarding the Milk Supply Chain

Rumpf, Till:
Finding spectral features for the early identication of biotic stress in plants

Sannemann, Wiebke:
Marker-trait-sensor association in a multi-parent advanced generation intercross (MAGIC) population in barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare)

Saremi, Behnam:
Characterization of insulin sensitivity and inflammation related factors in dairy cows receiving conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) or a control fat supplement during lactation

Scheid, Lisa:
Untersuchung der Plasmakinetik und des Metabolismus von L-Theanin bei gesunden Probanden nach Bolusgabe von isoliertem L-Theanin und Grüntee

Schiefler, Inga:
Greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from dairy barns

Schindler, Falko:
Man-made Surface Structures from Triangulated Point Clouds

Schmid, Martin Alexander:
Analyse und Optimierung innovativer Verfahrensketten zur Kaskadennutzung von Schnitt- und Rodungsholz aus Obstplantagen als biogener Festbrennstoff

Siegemund, Jan:
Street Surfaces and Boundaries from Depth Image Sequences Using Probabilistic Models

Slütter, Stefanie Maria:
Approach to use the Engage Exchange Model for information management in crisis communication and animal disease control

Stamm, Nadine:
Nutrient recycling from animal slurries

Sufian, Muhammad:
Biology, Monitoring and Management of Economically Important Wireworm Species (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in Organic Farming

Weldenegodguad, Simret Betsha:
Transcriptome analysis of bovine day 16 conceptus derived after transfer of blastocyst from somatic cell nuclear transfer or in vitro production

Willy, Daniel Kyalo:
Institutional Analysis of Agri-Environmental Externalities

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