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Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Jahrgang 2016


Titel The numerical simulation of a three dimensional fluid sediment system on arbitrarily shaped domains
Autor Markus Burkow
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract Current driven sediment processes and their impact on the fluid system and on the morphology is of large interest in environmental as well as in engineering sciences. In this thesis both aspects are regarded. In detail, in the first part a three dimensional two phase Navier Stokes solver is extended by a new and variable geometry handling using a level set. Further, the second part introduces a full current induced sediment model which includes the bed load transport, the suspension load transport and the morphological change of the sediment bed. A mass conserving interchange between both sediment models is realized by boundary conditions as well as by sink and source terms near the boundary. As a further aspect a model which limits the angle of the slope is developed, discretized, and tested numerically. The whole model is discretized with high order finite difference schemes in space and time. Conclusively, several numerical examples and convergence studies demonstrate the wide range of applications for the fully coupled fluid sediment model for two phase flows.
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