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Philosophische Fakultät - Jahrgang 2014


Titel The Theory and Practice of Anti-Globalization Movement
Case Studies of the Independent Media in the Chinese Societies – Hong Kong and Taiwan
Autor Lai On Kwok
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract The main characteristic of globalization is the "positive" and the "negative" appearing at the same time, and in the same context. The positive effects of globalization are to break down political border, to create possibilities of new types of connections and to open up the further development of human civilization. Meanwhile, globalization can be an ideology to help political powers to establish an artificial closed "system" to dominate our diversified world. Therefore, we cannot use a single point of view to analyze and confront the problems of globalization. Interestingly, anti-globalization movement, as a social movement opposing the negative effects of globalization, is not a phenomenon separated from globalization, but a part of globalization. Anti-globalizationalists argue that world superpowers are using "capitalism" and "democracy" as the means to direct the development of global community. Therefore, they start to practice social movements with the spirits of solidarity and mutual aid to accumulate social powers to fight against the domination of the Establishment and try to change the present situation of modern world.
This study is to, first, introduce the theories as the spiritual foundations breeding the globalization of anti-globalization movement. After that, the case studies of the independent media in the Chinese societies -Hong Kong and Taiwan as the practices of anti-globalization movement will be presented. The differences of social movement practices between the East and the West will also be analyzed in this context. Through the above researches, we can discover that there are some specific characteristics of the practices of the Chinese independent media movements that would stimulate us to meditate on the core problems of today's human civilization with "an alternative thinking approach".
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