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Philosophische Fakultät - Jahrgang 2013


Titel On the Conception of Fundamental Time Asymmetries in Physics
Autor Daniel Wohlfarth
Publikationsform Dissertation
Zusammenfassung The investigation is divided in 7 chapters and aims to argue for the realizability of a new conception of ‘fundamental time asymmetries’ in physics. After an introduction (chapter 1) in the field of interest, the investigation continues by developing a conception of fundamentality for time asymmetries in chapter 2. Chapter 3 shows that this conception is realized in classical cosmology and chapter 4 demonstrates, by taking in to account the result from chapter 3, that classical electrodynamics is understandable as a time asymmetric theory. Chapter 5 focuses on time asymmetries in quantum cosmology as well as quantum thermodynamics and demonstrates – as in the classical case – that a fundamental time asymmetry is imbedded in those fields. The considerations, contained in chapter 6, are focused on non relativistic quantum mechanics (NRQM). Here the main aim is to demonstrate that NRQM can be understood as a time asymmetric theory - even without using the measurement-process for that purpose. Chapter 7 summarized the main arguments and conclusions.
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