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Philosophische Fakultät - Jahrgang 2012


Titel The unfinished business of decentralisation: political accountability of local government in Ghana
A case study of the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) Municipality
Autor Stephen Nana Ato Arthur
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract Debates about decentralisation have centered on political accountability of local governments so as to proffer restraint over the exercise of institutional power and authority. This has to do with institutions, procedures, and mechanisms that seek to ensure that (local) government delivers on electoral promises, fulfills the public trust, aggregates and represents the citizens interests, and responds to ongoing and emerging social needs and concerns (Brinkerhoff, 2001). But how can we enhance political accountability of local government without effective participation in the selection/election of local representatives; public access to information and local representatives’ consultative meetings with the citizens, voters and tax payers? An important research question therefore concerns the link between decentralisation and political accountability of local government. These questions underscore the debate on the outcomes of decentralisation on local people about the political accountability of local government representatives on their constituents. This study contributes to such debates by exploring how decentralisation manifests in reality within the local context in Ghana.
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