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Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Jahrgang 2012


Titel A Sensitivity Study for Higgs Boson Production in Vector Boson Fusion in the H → ττ →lh + 3ν Final State with ATLAS
Autor Nicolas Möser
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract For a hypothetical Higgs boson mass between 114.4GeV and about 135GeV the production by Vector Boson Fusion and the decay H → ττ →lh + 3ν is one of the most promising discovery channels at the LHC. In this thesis, a study of the expected sensitivity of the ATLAS detector for this channel at a centreof- mass energy of 14 TeV is presented. For the first time, this study includes a full treatment of additional proton-proton interactions, so-called pile-up. The presence of pile-up significantly affects the signal selection efficiency and leads to a deterioration of the reconstructed Higgs boson mass, which is used as a discriminating observable. Two methods have been developed to estimate the dominant background processes from data. By replacing the muons in Z → μμ events with simulated τ lepton decays, Z → ττ events can be modelled with high precision. The non-resonant background, t¯t production and W + jets, is estimated by selecting events where lepton and hadronic τ decay have the same electric charge. Assuming a dataset corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 30 fb−1, an expected signal significance between 3.0σ and 4.4σ is obtained for a Higgs boson mass between 115GeV and 135GeV. The expected significance decreases to 1.6–2.0σ in the presence of pile-up.
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