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Rechts- und Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Jahrgang 2010

Titel Essays in Applied Microeconomics and Management
Autor Daniel Müller
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract A first wave of contributions to the field of psychology and economics mainly consisted of pointing out problems with traditional economic assumptions and articulating alternatives. By now, research has evolved to what sometimes is referred to as “second-wave behavioral economics”: while standard economic questions are addressed with standard economic tools, analysis moves beyond the traditional set of assumptions and on to psychologically better grounded, more realistic assumptions. The first three chapters of my dissertation belong to this field of second-wave behavioral economics, providing possible explanations for observed contractual design or workplace arrangements that may seem puzzling from the perspective of orthodox economic theory.
Chapter I, which is based on a joint paper with Fabian Herweg, investigates how interim deadlines affect behavior and performance of a decision maker who faces self-control problems. We develop a model of continuous effort choice over time that shifts the focus from completion of to performance on a single task. In contrast to the existing literature on procrastination, we find that being aware of the own self-control problems can reduce a person's performance as well as her overall well-being. Moreover, we show that being exposed to an interim deadline increases the performance as well as the overall well-being of a hyperbolic discounter, irrespectively of her awareness of own self-control problems. more...
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