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Rechts- und Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Jahrgang 2009

Titel Essays in Industrial Organization and Behavioral Economics
Autor Fabian Herweg
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract Next to the orthodox theories on contract design and optimal selling strategies, there is a recent and growing literature investigating how rational firms respond to consumer or employee biases. During the last decade the field of economics that modifies the “standard preferences” by incorporating findings from psychological research has made a significant progress. Now, there exist reasonable and tractable frameworks for modeling agents with reference-dependent preferences, time-inconsistent discounting, fairness concerns and many other behavioral motives. These “workhorse” models not only allow to investigate the “old” questions for a richer class of the agent's preferences, they also raise new questions. In three of the four main chapters of this dissertation, I follow this new “behavioral'“ approach and investigate contractual situations by allowing for biased consumers or employees to provide possible explanations for observed contractual arrangements that are puzzling from the perspective of standard orthodox economics. more...
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