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Philosophische Fakultät - Jahrgang 2009

Titel Flood Risk Perception and Communication within Risk Management in Different Cultural Contexts
a Comparative Case Study between Wuhan, China and Cologne, Germany
Autor Xiaomeng Shen
Publikationsform Dissertation
Abstract Preparedness, early warning and emergency management all contribute to flood risk mitigation and are closely linked to risk perception. Risk perception of decision-makers considerably influences their approach to risk mitigation strategies and therefore has a great impact on institutional coping capacity/vulnerability.
This PhD thesis investigates flood risk perception and communication amongst key institutional stakeholders involved in flood risk management in different cultural settings of China and Germany. Using qualitative social research methods, this study aims at: firstly, understanding the discrepancies of risk perceptions between different actors; secondly, identifying flood risk communication features among flood risk management organizational units and between risk management and the general public; thirdly, comparing the perception and communication characteristics in different cultural contexts; and finally, analyzing the potential of cross cultural transferability of good practices and its implementation with consideration of cultural diversity. more...
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